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My wife and I were very satisfied with our RV Driving School experience.  Our instructor, Jimmie Johnson, was very attentive to our needs and matched our abilities with the lessons.  He was friendly, professional and knowledgeable.  He gave us several great tips that we have applied to our driving.
The best part is that the instruction was individualized, and Jimmie focused on working  on those skills that we all agreed needed the most attention.
This was a worthwhile experience and improved our confidence in driving our new Motor Home.  I would recommend this school to anyone that does not have experience in driving their coach.

Nick K.

Never owned an RV, and had no clue how to hook up to short power, let alone drive a 2018 Newmar Bay Star Sport 27’ from Fort Meyers Florida to Torrance, California. We arrived October 30th, 2017 and I went from being ‘terrified of driving” to enjoying it so much, that driving my rig was my favorite part of the entire trip. I went through winds of up to 33 MPH (29 palms, Palm Springs area), rain, fog and tons of traffic in the big cities, having no incidents and driving with a lot of confidence thanks to the driving instruction of Mr. Rick Klingberg, “The Roven Tech ”. – What I loved about Rick, is the way he takes you out, site seeing and as you do it, he tells you stories in a very calm way without suspecting that you are already driving and taking a class.


He took me to the narrow roads of Fort Meyers, the freeway (55 MPH), middle lanes surrounded by lots of traffic, he taught me how to park at truck stops, go in and out of a gas station, negotiate my turns and how to use my mirrors and make the proper stops. – In addition, he taught how to properly operate all the buttons in my own rig. While driving back across America I had doubts about many things that involved the rig, the road, tunnels and such; Mr. Klingberg was always available and he always came back with advice and encouragement. I can write a book about all the great things I experienced while learning and driving back to California….. The best investment you can possibly make when buying your RV. Feel free to contact me if you need any more information.


Thank you, Rick, and thank you RV Driving School. I am now a newbie, with over 3,000 miles under my belt thanks to you!

Phil and Cindy M.

Dear RV Driving School,  I am in Love!!  You sent me one of the most lovable gentleman in the world.  Tim Armstrong Sr. was my instructor.  He was patient, knowledgeable , and brave.  Haha.  I enjoyed my lessons with him as he instilled confidence in me.  I really enjoyed the backing up lessons and parking.  He gave me insight to my own doubts and together we threw them out the door.  I feel I can drive my 40 ft. Diesel Pusher backwards better than I can drive my Pick uptruck.  The lessons were exactly what I needed.  Thank you for becoming my friend, teacher, and mentor.  I would and will highly recommend RV Driving school and Tim Armstrong Sr. to anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of RV driving. 

Nancy H.

I recently completed my driving lessons with Jimmy Johnson.  He did an excellent job, was great to work with and was very helpful.  I would highly recommend him to anyone.

David M.

I am so glad I took the RV drivers training from you and Matt.  He did a fabulous job!  Very patient and low key which is critical.  I learned a lot and will highly recommend this class to anyone.  My confidence is much better and I feel, while driving, I’m doing it the best and safest way.  That is what I was looking for!

Linda P.

My daughter and I enjoyed our 2 days with Gary. He had a plan for what we did, he communicated well with us and with his instruction, we feel confident to drive our 36 foot motor homes. We feel like it’s a turning point for what we do with our RVs. Thank you.

K.C. & Katie C.

I took the four hour two day driving course in Sumter South Carolina.  My instructor, Mr. Charles Mcleod was extremely knowledgeable and presented the material in an easy to understand and well organized format.  He took to time to review critical concerns and answered any questions I had.  I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone regardless of their previous experience.

Les B.

Jimmy is an outstanding instructor!  We are new to rving and are fulltime.  While my husband had towed our fifth wheel a few times, I never had.  After listening and observing Jimmy’s instruction for my husband, I felt more confident to take the wheel.  He took us through some great scenarios we might be exposed to in our travels.  His instructions for backing up are superb.  We will continue to recommend that folks take this course whether new to rving or consider themselves pros.

Lee Ann B.

Because of the expense of the RV, the wanting to travel without incidents, and age of my husband plus his diabetic neuropathy in his right leg, I(the wife) decided to take the driving school for emergency situations in order to drive home or get medical help if need be. My spouse instructs me when I am driving the family car, so the RV was overwhelming for me. I highly recommend Mr Jimmy Johnson who instructed me on driving my RV. He was patient,calmly told me the reasons on why and how to drive the RV in different situations when we were on the different roads. Understanding the unit, in which Mr Johnson gave me driving confidence. I didn’t realize that driving home from our last camp site, my husband’s leg went hurting, in which I was able to take over and drive til my husband was capable again.  Mr Johnson was the voice in my head. Without the driving school, we would have been waiting at the rest stop, calling a child, or just don’t know what we would have done. I am very grateful for the driving school.

Gail C.

Allan and I took Lesson L7946 with Bill Baxter in Maine and we are so glad that we did. Bill was an excellent instructor and kept us busy so that the twelve hours flew by. Bill was very helpful about certain “coach mysteries.”  (We never knew that we could manually downshift our coach. ) He was a terrific example of “making do” when one of the windshield wipers broke off in a torrential rainstorm. Bill and Allan sorted it out and jerry-rigged the wiper so that it worked well. Bill also gave us many ideas for our future RV adventures. I have pages of driving and RV touring notes that are helping us determine where and how we will travel when we retire next January.
While Bill was a serious instructor, he was also very pleasant in his manner and a person that we would be happy to be with at any time. His instruction was clear and his advice was practical. As a former teacher, I give Bill a definite “A+.”
Your school is a great idea and terrific for giving us the instruction we need to begin our driving adventures.
Thank you and best wishes for the future,

Marilyn T.