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Wanted to share feedback concerning our weekend with Lorrin Walsh April 7,8  in Silverdale, WA.  Lorrin was right on time started with the basics.  showing both of us things we needed to know to look for and check before we got behind the wheel.  He encouraged my wife to go first and was very thorough and gentle with her.  she had never driven the rig so this was all new.  he had a great area to practice. there was enough repetition so the lessons were learned and then we went out to practice in the surrounding area. the second day was also good with more driving time, more and different kinds of intersections and traffic situations.  he was supportive and clear with his instruction.   My 60 mile trip home with the rig gave me a chance to practice all he talked about and what we read in his book.  

I would highly recommend this training and would recommend Lorrin as an instructor.  it was well worth the expense  and time and will help us feel safer and enjoy the journey more.  

Best Wishes,

Dennis and Pat E.

Lorin, on the way home, we encountered EVERY driving skill and experience you taught and trained except for the roundabout.
First we tried to find a Thousand Trails campsite.  Construction on the bridge with markers on the line….Steve proceeded slowly, ver slowly.   Then we turned onto a country road that kept getting more narrow.  And 15 mph turns. I kept apologizing to Steve for advising him to take this route.  Steve just asked me if you had put him up to this and 😀.
We finally turned around and had to back up to complete the turn on the extremely narrow road with NO shoulders. Finally made it back to the interstate and decided to drive home.  Since it was pouring rain and dinner time, we stopped at a McDonald’s with the smallest ever parking lot.  Steve parked across spaces, just like Lowe’s.  Getting in was easy, getting out was tight. Steve would have made you proud.
Still pouring rain and over an hour from home, Steve needed to  change the steering wheel position so we needed to stop.   I offered to drive and drove the rest of the way home.  Horrible driving conditions as it was dark, pouring rain and wipers on high but I was familiar with the road.  When I saw the sign with the truck pointing downhill, I did what you trained and turned on the retarder.  Almost like you were in the passenger seat with me.
Obviously we made it home. We hadn’t expected to use so many of our new skills but we were just thankful we encountered those situations AFTER the training!😀😀

Diana A.

Charles did a great job.  He knows his stuff and is very tactful in correcting the student.  I benefited greatly from the school.

John B.

I decided to sign up for  RV School because I was laying awake at night wondering why I bought this thing I was scared to death of!! My boyfriend was talking about driving across country this spring and all I could do was come  up with excuses why we shouldn’t.
We took lessons with Paul Nordan. He was AWESOME. His knowledge and experience is so apparent! He was patient and very through in explaining things and he didn’t mind our questions. You can tell he is passionate about helping people learn. Going home I felt 1000% better about driving, being the passenger and I felt safer. Not only did we learn driving techniques and safety, but he taught us about functions of the RV that we didn’t even know to ask about. I mentioned to Paul it’s a bit scary that people buy these big RV’s (like us) and don’t really know what they’re doing. I can’t say enough about how great the experience was. It should be mandatory!!
I do want to share a funny story with you – Paul and his wife were very hospitable and let us camp at their house – they told me there were coyotes around there. I told them I was a little bit scared, didn’t want to run into one. They told me not to worry but if in fact one did attack me, my RV lesson would be refunded. We had a great laugh!!
Thanks again for the WONDERFUL experience!!

Heidi H.

The two day driving lessons I took from Chuck were invaluable.  Chuck is truly a professional in every sense.  I am a novice in every sense when it comes to a motorhome.  We went over buttons, switches, pumps etc.  He left no stone uncovered.  MOST importantly, he showed me how to safely operate a RV Motorhome.  He is as patient as a Saint.  He taught me how to not spill the cup of coffee on the dash in turns and merging.  I gotta tell you that that was no easy task.  My wife and I camped at his camp ground and he even took the time to show me how to setup and breakdown.  He is easy going and very personable.  I can’t thank him enough.  I would highly recommend  this driving school to anyone.  Thanks again Chuck.  You are truly the best.  Thanks for everything.

Jim C.

We recently completed the RV Driving Course with Duane Kunze as our teacher. (L8338) It was a very comprehensive course that both helped improve our driving skills and gave us helpful tips for parking and maneuvering in real life camping situations.  Duane was very encouraging and patient.  As we struggled to back into various size parking spaces, he walked beside our RV and talked us through each step.  Then he stepped back and asked us to do it independently several more times.  At the end of the 2 day session, he sat with us and discussed our strengths and our weaknesses. We are grateful for the instruction and now have more confidence as we take our rig out on the road. We strongly recommend this course and Duane to other new RV drivers.

Cynthia J.

Duane Kunze is a skilled and courteous teacher who did an excellent job of showing us how to drive the RV.  Neither of us had ever driven anything that large before.  We thoroughly enjoyed the class and will gladly recommend the RV Driving School to others.

Jim M.

From the start of the lesson I felt this was going to be a positive experience.  Joe looks like a professional, speaks like a professional and makes the student feel that he is the priority.

Joe’s instructions and booklet are clear, concise and are helpful. In addition to the course material, Jow would pass along many helpful hints hints bout driving and maintaining your coach.

The location was ideal and allowed me the opportunity to perform maneuvers in a safe and controlled environment. After Day 1 I felt more comfortable and that night a number of questions about what I was taught crossed through my mind. The next day Joe took the time to review the questions and helped me with photographs outlining the back in parking procedure. Day 2 roadwork put all these skills to use and I felt extremely comfortable behind the wheel.

Thank you for the course and a wonderful instructor like Joe Powell. I cant wait for my next trip.

Steve G.

To be honest…I did NOT want to take this class. But I am smart enough to know that you do need a back up driver “just in case”. Then I met Paul. He put me at ease right away and I knew I was going to be okay. He was patient, answered all our questions and he was very brave 😊. We covered all the basic maneuvers in an RV including in-town and interstate highway driving. And now I know I can get the RV home “just in case”.  I did want to send Paul a thank you card but did not have his address. Please pass my appreciation on to him.

Karen D.

Your school and instructor were an answer to our difficult situation. We were being faced with my wife having to drive a 35 ft Class A across the country with no experience and more than a little fear and anxiety. Dwayne was an excellent instructor and totally relaxed my wife with his quiet even tone, broad experience program. In two days my wife could parallel park our rig, back into a ten foot wide space and drive through Final Four traffic in San Antonio. Driving across America, NO PROBLEM!!!!

Donna and Brian W.