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Paul Metzinger was a great instructor.  He immediately put us at ease about the training and assured us that at the end of two days we would be completely comfortable and capable to drive our Class A RV anywhere – – – and he was completely right.  He clearly communicated each aspect of highway driving, city driving, turning around, backing up, parking, etc.  He incorporated significant practice until each aspect was almost second nature at the end.  Almost all the course instruction has hands on. He also provided many RV operations and travel tips based on his many years of RV experience.  We give him the highest possible rating for the training he provided to us.

Mary S.

I usually don’t comment on our testimonials that we receive, but do watch as this lady negotiates her RV with confidence.  Great job, Nettie!
“Just wanted to let you know we were very happy with Tim and thoroughly enjoyed our driving lessons. Per your email, I am sharing two videos I made with you. The first link is down below. The second will follow in a separate email. I would appreciate you letting me know if you were able to view and download the video. Thank you.
Kindest regards, Bill & Nettie van Nieuwenhuize

Here’s a link to “2018 – Nettie’s Driving Lesson Part I – The Parking Lot.mp4” in my Dropbox:


Bill and Nettie V.

Lorrin was a great instructor and the overall experience exceeded my expectations.

He was a very friendly and easy going individual which help a lot in calming my nerves throughout the day. After trying several time and then finally properly performing a parking lot maneuver, when asked he always let me try the maneuver one for time so that I never felt rushed. During the “road trip” he also let me know what was coming next so that I felt more comfortable.

During the backing lessons he set up a course to simulate the parking area next to my house which was a GREAT confidence booster when I had to park the unit the first time the next day. And I made it!!! Again he didn’t rush and took the time I needed to understand the maneuver.

Robert P.

We had a great 2 days with Gary. He was very patient with me and had a lot of great tips and advice and I’ll feel more confident taking my Class A driving test. I’d give him a 10 out of 10! Thanks again!

James K.

We had our driving lessons in Congress, AZ with Glynn Carson, and were very pleased with him and his instruction. Glynn spoke with us before he had us drive, giving us much information and instruction, and getting from us exactly what we hoped to take away from the lessons. He is very easy to talk to as he puts you at ease from the very start. He is a very professional instructor, but also very calm, and passes this on to his students. We both found him to be very patient and encouraging. He definitely knows what he is doing and how to use that knowledge to teach others. As retired educators we appreciated his instructional methods and came away with much more confidence as well as driving knowledge and experience. He not only taught us what to do, but why, so that we understood what the outcome or reaction would be for every one of our actions. It was a pleasure working with him. Pictures of us with Glynn are below.

Brenda D.

Jim did a great job, He showed us and explained the reasoning behind it.  The driving took us every type of rd in the area and gave me great ideas on manuevering in the site and parking the camper. The wife and I both feel more comfortable with my driving and her helping out. Well worth the money and Our thanks to Jim on his excelent job and making it fun.

Ralph K.

Purchasing our first fifth wheeler was an exciting adventure.  The experience is similar to the excitement of having a baby!  The pregnancy, baby showers, setting up the nursery and then you realize you have to give birth!   You  have the excitement of purchasing an RV and then realize you  have to tow it!  Quiet intimidating when you have never towed an RV  before.  Jack and I purchased our RV from an individual at the Crossing Creek RV Resort in Blairsville GA.  We were fortunate to meet Susan who worked at check in.  She recommended we call Michael Lynch at RV Driving School.  Susan had meet Michael at an RV show.  We did some research into RV Driving School and initially thought the price was a little high but decided to move forward with the training.
After filling out an application and paying our deposit we promptly got a call from  Michael to make arrangements for the training.  Monday was the big day.  Michael met us at our campsite and even helped us hook up our RV.  We had a class in the RV before starting out to our training site.  We spent 2 days with Michael.  By the end of the first day Jack and I both felt comfortable backing, weaving, parking, spotting and several other maneuvers that Micheal taught us and coached us through. By the end second day you will be out on the road completing maneuvers in the real world in real time that you never thought possible!  Michael has the ability to instruct in a clear concise way, making you feel safe and confident.  He is patient, clear in instruction, SAFETY minded,  knowledgeable and willing to share his knowledge and expertise.  Also, he is  a delight to listen to as he shares his life stories and driving experiences.
We highly recommend RV Driving School and specifically Michael Lynch to all RVers – beginners or old timers – you will definitely learn from Micheal.  After the training we felt that the course was WELL worth the money and time spent with Michael.
Thank you Michael for getting us started on our RV journey.  We feel that you have provided us with the tools and knowledge for safe RV driving.

Susan H.

We had a bit of an issue with getting everything registered and paid for so I was hoping that it would be worth the time and effort and money for the lesson. I can say with out a doubt that Yes it was all worth it.  Charles was very knowledgeable and an absolutely wonderful teacher.  I was truly scared of some of the aspects of driving a 38ft vehicle on the freeway and over bridges.  I am afraid of heights so being an extra 4″ in the air gives a different perspective to life.  End of day one I was feeling very confidant of the size and space I took on the road.  I still was nervous about the freeway day but not scarred anymore.  The next day we went over everything again to build my confidence and then onto the freeway we went.  It was actually fun getting it up to speed for the road.  I still had to do the bridge area which is quite long over water.  I told Charles that I hum when I get nervous so if I start that he will know.  Off to the bridge we went and I started humming louder the closer we got.  So he started whistling which helped in a way.  We stopped talked and then of course we had to go back over it.  This time though I talked instead of hummed.
I forgot to send this and just found it. I can add an update and that since the lesson I have helped to drive across America twice. I drove about 3 hours a day.

Angela G.

Thank you so much for making this wonderful service available!  I had driven our motor home some, but did not feel safe driving in moderate or heavy traffic, or in cities.  My husband strained his neck and was in pain, and I lacked the confidence to drive safely, so either he drove in pain (and against doctor’s recommendations) or we were stuck.  That’s when I knew I needed to gain the skills and experience necessary to be able to take my turn driving.
Working with Duane was wonderful – he’s a great teacher.  Patient, calm, encouraging, and able to provide specific feedback and instructions to improve my skills.  He clearly knew what he was talking about, and was able to show me what I needed to do.  I was nervous, and his gentle demeanor helped me relax and learn.  I’m committed to driving some each day we’re traveling, and know that I can take over completely if I need to.  The lessons were well-worth every penny!

Marie B.

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