Training Lesson Types

Here is a brief overview of the different lessons we offer

Combination/2 person – 2 day 6 hour each day lesson
Single/1 person – 2 day 4 hour each day with a “ride along” companion

Backing Your RV –  4 hour with an assistant

Refresher – 3.5 hours 1 day. This is only for individuals who have had a previous lesson from our school.

We ONLY teach in a vehicle that you own! Each vehicle is unique, and our lessons are customized to make sure you are safe in the vehicle you will be using.

For more information see our driving lessons page.

Certificate provided to present to your insurance provider. Many insurance companies issue a discount upon the presentation of this certificate! If they don’t issue a discount, make sure you ask them to keep the certificate on file.

School locations: Make sure you know where you would like the lesson. You may want to go to the map that describes the locations of our instructors before proceeding.