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How do I contact an instructor to schedule a lesson?

All preliminary inquiries and scheduling requests are handled through our offices 530-878-0111.   We are often on the move and do our best to answer calls 9 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday.  Please note that time zones vary, and we ask you to consider that we may be on the other side of the country or out of cellular service at the time.   It is usually best if you are able to complete the online request form and allow us time to contact the instructor prior to responding to you.

Does RV School provide RVs for training purposes?

No, we do not provide any type of RV, nor do we rent RVs. We have numerous professional instructors, many of whom are actively traveling by RV. Each RV and RV type varies greatly and has quite unique features, which is why we recommend training in the unit you will be driving. If that is not possible, you may be able to rent a similar RV from a local source.

Is there training offered prior to purchasing or renting an RV or for additional information?

Yes!  We are endorsed presenters of the Escapees RV Club.  We provide seminars and  instructors for their RVers’ Boot Camp, which is a popular weeBoot Camp & Dreams logokend intensive program covering essential RV topics and these events are available seasonally.  Visit the Escapees’ website,,  or call for additional information 888-757-2582.  These classes fill quickly, so enrollment well in advance is recommeded.  More excellent opportunities to learn about RVing and the RV lifestyle prior to purchase are offered by Howard and Linda Payne through their events website, .  We also offer RV driving seminars at some of their events.  Check the rallies tab on their web page for upcoming informational opportunities near you!  Enjoy relevant seminars and meet with active and prospective RVers for a enjoyable learning experience!

For those attending with RVs, private rally lessons are offered by professional certified RV School instructors by appointment.  Lessons are conducted before and after each Escapees Boot Camp or RV-Dreams event at special rally rates

Can an instructor meet me at my location?

Ideally instructors are able to teach at an established training location, where they are familiar with traffic and which areas are most conducive to practicing various skills we teach.  Current locations are displayed at Established prices are predicated upon students staying near the instructor’s immediate area. A few of our instructors have expressed an interest in meeting students in other locations, but it will most likely necessitate additional charges for travel and lodging expenses. Call or email us to determine if this service is available for your area, and for an estimate of the associated added costs.

What is covered during a lesson?

In addition to basic driving skills, lessons are tailored to cover the specific needs of the individual student. Our students are diverse! They range anywhere from complete novices, who have just taken delivery of their first RV, to experienced full time RVers who have upgraded or down-sized to another unit. One lesson plan just does not fit the diversity of our customers, so your instructor will assess your expectations at the beginning of your lesson and do our best to satisfy your unique needs.

Can we complete the regular lesson in one day?

After a nearly quarter of a century, we have found the two-day format to provide the best results. Students come to us with a degree of apprehension, and there is lots of information to absorb and practice. An eight-hour day would normally prove to be far too intensive for most students as well as their instructors. On day two students are typically more relaxed and ready to build upon and practice the skills learned on day one. Feedback we regularly receive from students continues to affirm this time proven two-day approach.

Should I tip my instructor?

We are extremely proud of our team of professional instructors! For these very knowledgeable, courageous and patient men and women, helping fellow RVers is a labor of love. But, by all means, if you feel your instructor provided outstanding service, let them know it and do feel free to tip them directly at the end of the lesson! If your finances do not permit a monetary reward, you could write a recommendation on our Facebook page, another RV forum, or simply refer your friends.

May our pets accompany us on our private lesson?

A good percentage of our students are traveling with pets and bring them along on their lessons. As long as your pets do not interfere with the learning process, it should be acceptable. However, you may want to check with your instructor as a courtesy, since some people have allergies to animals.

Are there plans for an instructor in my area?

A long-term goal of the school is to have instructors readily available in areas where they are most needed.  Our current locations are on We are continually recruiting qualified professional instructors. In the meantime, most of our instructors are active RVers, and, chances are that one will be available in your area eventually. (They tend to travel north in summer months and south in the winter months or provide seminars and attend scheduled RV rallies). Watch our locations tab, which we attempt to keep up-to-date on the website, or follow us on Facebook.

Does the course qualify me for a discount on my insurance premiums?

Upon completion of selected lessons, we provide a certificate via e-mail. Many insurers accept this proof of completion certificate and many insurers will discount your rate accordingly. A more formal document can be made available upon request. We do not have a complete list of insurance companies that provide discounts, but do recommend you check to determine if completion of our course may save on insurance premiums. Should your agent have questions or need additional information, feel free to have them contact us directly.  Because our lessons are comprehensive and behind the wheel, the certificates have significant value as opposed to certificates issued for classroom lessons alone.

Does RV School provide training for corporations?

Yes, we have experience in training employees to utilize corporate RV type vehicles. Call or email us for a quote so we can best determine the amount of time required with each student and if classroom time would be needed.


Still have a question that is not answered? Feel free to send it to us and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible. Thanks!


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