Seminars at rallies across the country

DSCN6496Driving Your RV Safely

This is a must seminar for everyone! You’ve been driving since you were 16. You have driven your RV for years. Basically, you feel you are a really good driver. Let’s talk about how safe you are as you drive your RV. This seminar covers bad driver habits and how to make sure we are safe driving our RV. This is highly recommended if you are going to have a “Rally” lesson before or after a rally.

Women – You CAN & Should Drive Your RV!

You worry, right? You have doubts about your ability to handle a large RV. This seminar points out why you can and should drive the RV and how to be safe behind the wheel. This seminar is VERY popular often with turnaway crowds.

Backing Up & Taking Corners

We can’t make you into an expert, but we can show you how to do it. Simple step-by-step methods showing you how to handle difficult situations.

Diesels vs Gas – Motorhomes vs Towables

What is a diesel and what makes it different from a gas engined RV or pickup? What are the advantages of a motorhome or towable?

Demonstration – Driving Your RV

This is an actual demonstration with full size RVs and is usually conducted in a large parking area with stands or a viewing area. We start by examining the primary safety items on a coach or 5th wheel, with emphasis on tires and suspension systems.  We talk RV owners through how to negotiate corners,  how to backup, and basic safe maneuvering. This is a real crowd pleaser!!

Driving an RV Off The Lot

It is frightening! The vehicle is tall, wide, long and weighs a lot. Let’s take this on in easy steps. Small steps will make you feel more comfortable, and importantly, SAFE!

If you are a rally-master, you can request a seminar at your rally.


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