Major Seminars

In general, our seminars are NOT technical in nature, but deal with the practical aspects of driving your RV safely.

  • Driving Your RV Safely – Ideally four hours, but in abbreviated sessions as short as 1 hour.    This is a must seminar for everyone!  You’ve been driving since you were 16. You have driven your RV for years.  Basically, you feel you are a really good driver.  Let’s talk about how safe you are as you drive your RV. This seminar covers bad driver habits and how to make sure we are safe driving our RV.
  • Everyone Should Drive The RV! – 1 hour   You worry, right?  You have doubts about your ability to handle a large RV.   This seminar points out why you can and should drive the RV and how to be safe behind the wheel.  This seminar is VERY popular often with turnaway crowds when titled, Women – You Can & Should Drive Your RV.

Other Available Seminars

  • Diesel vs. Gas  – What is the real difference, costs, practical matters and related safe driving issues.
  • Air Brakes – A description of what they are, how they function, how to test them, and their safe use.
  • Motorhomes vs. Towables – The safety issues
  • Driving Off The Lot – “They tossed you the keys, now what you need to be know to safely get on the road.”
  • Toad/Towed Vehicles – Options, necessary equipment, and proper installation and use.
  • Backing Up and Going Around Corners – How to discussion with videos
  • Jake and Exhaust Brakes – What they are and when and how to use them.
  • Allison Transmissions – Proper use and features built into these transmissions.
  • Modern Pickups – Safety issues including mirrors, transmissions, tow haul devices, dual tires, bed lengths and pin boxes.
  • GPS Devices – Available types, costs, locating them in the vehicle, setup, updating, and reliability issues.
  • Mountain Driving – A discussion of the three major issues, driving up the mountain, decisions at the crest, and making sure you don’t loose control on the down hill.
  • RV Breakdowns on the road
  • MPG, Speed, and Related Safety
  • Precision Driving – You are a good driver, but occasionally climb a curb, or run over the grass.  Improving your skill behind the wheel.