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This was our first RV !  Never  owned one, never driven one.  Being a beginner, I knew I best go with a professional instructor.  The experience was terrific!  Our instructor “Mike” met us at our selling dealership In Lewisville, TX. and turned a novice into a more educated owner.  
Starting with basics of safety checks, gauges, walk arounds, fueling, backing, parking and highway driving by the end of the two days I felt more than ready to drive our 40’ motorhome 250 miles home!
A great experience!  Money well spent!

John A.

My wife and I just finished our 2 day driving class with Jimmy Johnson of RV Driving School in Florence Alabama. It amazed me learning how much I DID NOT know. Jimmy is a great instructor and shared his vast wealth of experience with us. The amount of future damage to our 2007 Phaeton 40QSH that would have occurred had we not taken this course more than justified the cost many many times over. The confidence we gained is priceless. The fact that we are so much more safe is comforting to us and makes others on the road safer from us with the skills and knowledge that Jimmy Johnson imparted on is. Let’s not even talk about how much better it was that someone else was teaching my wife which basically would have been the blind leading the blind. Whether you are new or a veteran this course will benefit you because each lesson is tailored to the students experience and what they want to learn. Thank You Jimmy Johnson for helping us be able to thorou

ghly enjoy rolling down the road.
Bill & Debbie

I recently completed the RV Driving School class in Phoenix, AZ.
I was pleased with the class and especially Jordy as an instructor. Though he was new to RV’ing in general, I found his years of driving experience and knowledge of OTR insight very beneficial.
As you know, there is an awful lot to be cognizant of while operating a class A at this size, Jordy has the right demeanor and good listener to be a great instructor for first timers like myself, or a refresher course for more seasoned RV’ers.
I found great value in learning from him as a newbie and certainly would not hesitate to recommend RV Driving School to future owners of large rigs.

Tom H.

I cannot begin to tell you just how valuable Jordy Bender was in showing my husband how to maneuver our new RV.  My husband had  previous experience with toy haulers and boats but had never felt completely comfortable with “backing in” situations.  When we realized the difficulty involved with backing our new 23 foot trailer up our steep winding driveway to parallel park it next to the house, we were terribly discouraged.  The minute Jordy showed up, he started by looking over our setup, offering tips and suggestions wherever he thought it might help, and my husband has already implemented them.
The approach Jordy took in teaching my husband the skills he needed were top notch.  We both could see how the two days built on each other to instill the confidence and intuitive steering that my husband knew that he needed.  Once we got the trailer home, my husband had it up the driveway and parked in no time.  I rode along in the back seat taking notes, and Jordy looked them over for accuracy when I had finished.  He is an excellent teacher.  He had such a calm and patient demeanor, and he automatically instilled confidence as he walked along next to our pick-up telling my husband “you’ve got this.”
We were truly blessed to have found your company and for a guy like Jordy helping us as we start this new chapter in our life.
Thank you.

Judy H.

I was very impressed with the RV driving lesson I had with Steve Mulcahy in Lancaster. I only have a few hundred miles under my new 23’ class C motorhome, but working with Steve has made me more confident. We worked on turning, backing into spaces, rural highway driving, parking lots, and freeway driving. Steve is a knowledgeable instructor and he has a lighthearted, yet professional, demeanor.
I am going to be driving around the country for a few months alone which is why I decided to get the lessons. I did not realize that on top of driving techniques that I would also get lots of essential safety and mechanical tips that I wouldn’t have thought of and did not find in online forums or talking with other RVers. Steve went out of his way to ensure that I would be as safe and knowledgeable about the RV as possible. I am glad I purchased the 8 hour lesson and would  recommend it to anybody driving an RV.

Jacob V.

My teacher, Ken, was great!  He presented the information in a clear, logical way.  He answered all my questions and assisted me to start practicing for my upcoming drivers license test.  He also helped us immensely by finding some things about our 5th wheel which were defective from the dealership and helping us to fix those issues so that we would be safe.  I would highly recommend this course!

Rebecca M.

We recently purchased a 42’ fifth wheel and long bed truck that was quite a challenge to handle with its overall 59’ length and wide turning radiuses.
I had watched a video online, paid very close attention when driving, and knew the basics of driving and backing a trailer.
Maintenance and care wise, – I also have a lot to learn. This is a complicated rig and I”m not the handiest guy.
We knew we needed to up our game to stay safe and avoid banging up our pretty new camper.
The first several months we owned our camper, I was fairly nervous at times, got myself into a few tight spots, and actually did some damage on one occasion. When I”m nervous, Cara is nervous and vice versa. So we had some tough days out there.
Cara and I both believe we received much more than we expected.
Not only did Steve do a great job on the driving instruction, he also took a good bit of extra time with us on maintenance and care, traveling tips, and just overall good company. I was very interested in learning more about winterization and winter operation and Steve was very thorough with that.
Even with Steve’s experience, we had to work out parallel parking together due to the slow turning of the combination of truck and trailer. It’s incredibly invaluable to now have a step by step strategy for parallel parking on both sides Cara and I both understand.
Time wise, we were very efficient with the 8 hours, and Steve also met us the day before and spent time with us getting to know and also teaching us. And he came after the 8 hours to work with us some more.
My wife Cara had been doing her best to help me not hit anything – and successfully so far thank goodness. But we didn’t have a good way to communicate.
We both feel much more confident now with us being able to work better together. She knows better what to look out for, we have step by step strategies with both understand backing into campsites, but I know it’s still my responsibility to make sure everything is good.
Steve was certainly very knowledgeable but his patience, listening skills and overall manner of being made the experience better and more enjoyable.
Steve Avant represented your school very well.
I’ve been in customer service for over 46 years (starting when I was 12) and I was very impressed with the service of the school leading up to the training.
It was so fun and enjoyable in fact, we want to try to find the time to do it again. We would highly recommend getting training and RV Driving School.
$399 is a very small price to pay when you consider the cost of frayed nerves, and the cost of even minor “rubbing” up against something. My thoughts on the pricing is that it’s probably set that way so more people take advantage of it. There aren’t too many professionals you can hire for $50/hour anymore but I understand some people think that’s a lot.
Hopefully, the low cost equates to more people taking the course and making more people safe. But that matter aside, $800 to us seems like a more appropriate price.
You could also offer scaled pricing based on the size/type camper possibly even with shorter/longer time frames. We really benefited from the extra time – at least 11 hours – because of our rig and situation.
We could have used instruction on our Class C (which would have saved us a $2,000 repair.) but 8 hours would have been plenty of time.

Jim A.

We recently bought a 40ft Dutch Star Motor Coach and wanted to feel that my wife and I had all of the available knowledge before we began our travels. I already had over 30 years pulling trailers and fifth wheels but knew there would be a lot of additional information and skills required to drive the motor coach safely.  In addition my wife had total fear and no desire to drive the large coach.
Tim’s approach and teaching skills are excellent.  He relieved Melinda’s anxiety once she got behind the wheel and taught us all of the turning and backing skills that we would ever need along with countless safety pointers for our safe travels. On the second day when we were ready for the driving portion, Tim was outstanding on calming Melinda’s anxiety of driving on the roads. Once it was said and done she had driven on five of Dallas/Ft Worth’s major highways.  Goals accomplished.
I will recommend your RV Driving school and certainly Tim Armstrong to anyone that ask if it was worth the time and money.

Gary & Melinda W.

I completed your RV Driving course this past weekend with instructor Joe Powell. It was a truly wonderful and confidence building experience. Mr. Powell was an amazing, personable, and knowledgeable teacher. I’m a single woman learning to tow my first 5th wheel (40 ft) with my dually truck and he made me feel very comfortable. Mr. Powell took me through packing my rig, using my hitch, towing in traffic, making turns, maneuvering around obstacles, quick stops and emergency stops, as well as backing exercises. He was patient throughout, with a kind and constructive teaching manner. Mr. Powell was even tolerant of my two miniature dachshunds that completed the lessons with me; they are my primary road companions. He was even understanding when one of my dogs ate his lunch, not once but twice (most embarrassing moments)! Being a first-time RV owner, Mr. Powell also gave me a lot of information on the care and maintenance of my 5th wheel and hitch.
I now feel that I can be a safe driver while towing my 5th wheel. With Mr. Powell’s lessons in mind, I’ll continue to practice and build my skill level. He was an amazing mentor! This was a GREAT experience and well worth the money!
Many thanks!
Happy RVing!

Misty A.

My husband and I took the course together. He had been driving the RV around the Phoenix area and to boot camp in Congress. 

I felt very uncomfortable at the thought of driving our Fleetwood Pace Arrow LXE. My husband upon completing the course was very satisfied stating that he felt he had learned a lot about safety and correct driving techniques. I got behind the wheel for 
the first time on day 1 of driving school. I learned the various ways to back into a parking slot and parallel park. I was provided with good instructions including reinforcement when doing things correctly and suggestions on how to improve. I was comfortable with driving thru the neighbor and turning corners. Safety was stressed throughout the course which was appreciated as well as good driving tips. I was concerned about driving on the two lane highway and going up and down the mountain road but with encouragement I was able to complete this part of the course successfully. Our instructor was excellent in his depth of knowledge and in his instructions. We would strongly recommend this course.

Vicki H.