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The lesson I had from Mike Lynch was really great.  I was a newbie and had never driven our 4 month old RV.  He made me feel very comfortable and he spent a good amount of time going over what we would be doing, the terminology and safety.  That gave me a good understanding of exactly what I would be able to accomplish by the end of the day.

Martha V.

We were extremely happy with Charles. His calm demeanor helped my husband relax. He took his time and made the lessons fun and interesting. We definitely picked up some great pointers and feel much more comfortable driving our 36 foot Class A motor home. He is an excellent teacher.

Maria George.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am that I took your driving school program.  Randy was very professional and knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable in our coach.  I did all of the maneuvers that I had been particularly worried about. He taught me a number of crucial things about our coach as well, and I am 110% happy with the program.  I would highly recommend your school to anyone I meet!  Thanks for a job well done.

Tammy H.

We cannot express our gratitude for the professionalism and instruction with the RV driving school.  Charles was fantastic!  Not only did he teach us everything we needed to know about driving, parking, etc., he gave us many tips on safety, potential issues to look for on our RV, along with his experiences, which were so helpful with our future RV adventures.
We thought we knew everything about driving and operating an RV, but we learned that we had several misconceptions along with things that we just needed to do differently.
Thank you, Charles and thank you RV Driving School for such an informative and priceless experience.

Bob & Lori M.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback on our driving school experience with Charles McLeod.

Gary Wilson and I both took the training to learn more about driving our recently purchased 38’ Class A diesel pusher. We had previously had a 28’ C Class.
We found Charles to be a very good instructor. He was both cordial and knowledgeable.  He provided clear instructions and had an encouraging style with constructive feedback.
Gary has had much more driving experience on large vehicles/trailers.  I have had very little experience. We found the following segments of the training particularly useful:
  – the “set-up” concept for both turns and backing.
  – the practice on backing into the camping spots from both sides of the coach.
  – mix of highway and side roads driving, the practice pulling into Walmart, gas stations, restaurants.
  – the overview of the whole coach with regard to safety and in particular the air brake training.
  – Charles shared much information on his own experiences RVing that we learned a lot from.
Gary learned some new techniques to compliment his experience.  As a new RV driver with very little experience I certainly learned the most. Charles not only showed us some good techniques, but instilled great confidence in me that I could successfully drive the coach. I appreciate that the most. Since our training I have driven over 300 miles!
The accessibility of local trainers was a great feature of your program.  We were so fortunate to get into training quickly with Charles. He was very responsive. L9856

Kate H. & Gary W.

I just wanted to follow up after my lesson with Gary.  It was a great experience!  I’m so glad I did it.  I feel so much more confident after taking the class.  I’m not afraid to drive the RV anymore.  Gary is a pleasure to work with.  He’s very knowledgeable and very patient.  I feel confident that he showed me the most important points regarding safe driving.  I had plenty of time and he provided a variety of driving scenarios to give me a good feel for what I might encounter.  I would highly recommend this training and Gary as an instructor.  Thank you.  I included a video of me backing into a simulated parking stall.  I amazed myself!

Dana C. I just wanted to follow up after my lesson with Gary. It was a great experience! I’m so glad I did it. I feel so much more confident after taking the class. I’m not afraid to drive the RV anymore. Gary is a pleasure to work with. He’s very knowledgeable and very patient. I feel confident that he showed me the most important points regarding safe driving. I had plenty of time and he provided a variety of driving scenarios to give me a good feel for what I might encounter. I would highly recommend this training and Gary as an instructor. Thank you. I included a video of me backing into a simulated parking stall. I amazed myself!

My lesson was with Randy and it was one of the most valuable experiences I have had since buying my RV. He was terrific and so knowledgeable and helpful.
I have what I think is a very important suggestion.  I thought I was getting a driving lesson. It’s far more extensive and important than that. Driving was a small part of it. Randy went over every dial in the RV along with all the various parts of the RV that i have never had the opportunity to learn. That includes all the cargo bins, generator, engine, batteries etc. We don’t use the RV as much as i would like so don’t have the experience to learn all the details of the vehicle. Randy helped with that.
You should not advertise it as a driving lesson since it’s more like a “operating the RV” lesson. I should have done it a year ago after I had just bought the RV.
I have already scheduled another review in the spring.
Thanks so much.

Bill L.

Tim was a great instructor! He was patient, very specific in his comments and coaching, and encouraging. I feel much more comfortable and confident in my ability to maneuver our motorhome.

Leslie B.

RV Driving school is a must, even for those who have lots of experience.  I didn’t know what I didn’t know or even know to ask.  I learned tips about how to improve my rig and a few things I hadn’t considered about personal safety when camping.  My two goals were to be able to park the trailer in storage by myself and not to get nauseous driving through construction zones at high speed.  We achieved both goals and more.  Not only did I park the trailer without someone outside guiding me (and even then it took a lot of tries), I did it myself the first time.  I drove more than 250 miles, through several construction zones.  I wasn’t stressed out or exhausted.  I feel much more confident, and that confidence is based on an expert opinion that I’m competent.  Added bonus, it was a fun day. Highly recommend.

Carolann J.

We have recently completed a two day RV basics driving class with Michael Lynch, our instructor from the RV Driving School with instruction in our newly acquired 36 foot Class A diesel pusher.  Micheal was professional, through, informative , humorous and patient during our two four hour days of instruction.  We have owned and driven a 24 foot Class C 16,000 miles in the last 18 months but the upgrade to a 36 foot diesel pusher was at first intimidating.
After our time with Michael, we feel comfortable and confident in our ability to drive our new rig in close quarter situations.  The time and money invested in the class  was well spent and we cannot imagine hitting the road without having done so.
Thank you Michael for sharing your knowledge and experience with us “newbie” Class A drivers.

Randy & Dale J.