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I intentionally waited a couple of days before


responding…. Today I picked up my tow car for the very first time and drove back to my campsite. After unhooking the car I backed into my spot solo! I had no challenges driving the RV even with the length of an added car!  I truly feel more confident and comfortable in operating and maneuvering the rig! While I had to jump in feet first and drive the RV a few times before this course and on some ridiculously curvy roads to get to my current location, I certainly wasn’t comfortable nor relaxed – far from it in actuality. This course truly changed that.  My instructor, Phillip, was knowledgeable, full of helpful ideas well beyond driving, and down right personable.  I felt like he cared and he believed in me, which in turn helped my confidence! The time and money for the course was without question – money well spent. Now I feel much more prepared to begin my solo quest to scuba dive in every state while living and working remote from my little house on wheels. Thank you RV Driving School and Phillip being part of my journey!

With Gratitude,

Pam T.

Jimmy Johnson worked with us June 5 & 6 in the Memphis area.  His instruction was excellent.  We purchased a 40’ Tiffin Allegro Bus from Davis Motorhome in Memphis, having never driven a Class A before.  Jimmy gave us a great introduction to driving a big rig, what to watch for, overview of hazards and doing pre-trip inspection, and trip planning.  We got lots of practice on making turns, using mirrors, highway driving, using engine brakes.  We got more confident each day of our 6 day, 1400 mile journey home to Massachusetts, handling heavy traffic, rain, fog, construction detours.  My husband and I shared the driving 50/50.  Jimmy prepared us very well for dealing with some of these challenges.

Here is our bus now parked in our driveway.  We could not have made this trip safely home without Jimmy’s professional instruction.

Lauryn E.

My wife and I started full timing after selling our house this last October. We have been pulling a fifth wheel for 5 or 6 years now with me doing all the driving.
Nancy was quite reluctant to pull our 40 foot fifth wheel with our Ford 350 diesel truck. She could drive the truck fine but pulling the fifth wheel behind it was terrifying to her.
As we both get older we decided having only me driving might not be a smart idea. So through Escapees we found your RV driving school and signed up.
Now I thought I knew a lot about driving a rig like ours having done it for the last 5 years so I figured Nancy would learn more than me!! She learned a lot but I learned as much as she did.
Don , our instructor was very thorough, very patient, answering our questions as we went along. I didn’t have a good idea on how to back the rig up so Don took us to a empty parking lot and taught us how to backup, both Nancy and I learned the tricks of backing up together, communication being the big trick to overcome. As I look back on our training I think Dons patience with us was great, this wasn’t just a job to him, but he really wanted to pass on his experiences , to make us be safer on the road.
The second day of training was on the road driving. We learned turning on curvy two lane highway going up a mountain pass to 7400 ft. and back down; how to use our trucks gears rather than our brakes so much. I didn’t know some of our trucks accessories, Don showed me how to work our manual shifting system!
We highly recommend this RV driving school to anyone who drives or tows an RV. It gives us peace of mind knowing how to properly and safely drive our rig.

Rick & Nancy S.

Good hands-on learning experience for those with little or no experience towing a travel trailer. Instructor was knowledgeable, friendly, courteous and professional. The fundamentals of towing and backing into a spot were covered extensively and we would recommend the 2-day course to anyone!

John & Karen F.

A solid foundation of skillset improvement, gained confidence, and courage to drive our RV!  That is why I took this course. In two days, Paul, our driving instructor (in Casa Grande, AZ) took me from being nervous to simply start the RV to providing me with the skills and hands on experience to be able to actually drive our RV on city streets, in and out of a roundabout, negotiate through narrow traffic coned lanes in a construction zone; confidently negotiate past an accident scene; and the courage to share the interstate with tractor trailers and other drivers in a rain storm.  I can now backup our rig on the street, a parking lot, or into a campground space.

Like I am sure is true of most other students, I arrived with decades of “behind the wheel” experience.  Just none driving a very large and heavy recreational vehicle.  We started the lesson in a wonderful venue that Paul scouted.  Real live residential driving experience but in a failed housing development area.  I was able to practice starting, stopping, backing, left and right turns, all without the distractions and worry of other cars and obstacles.  What helped me even more was the calm demeanor of and encouragement from Paul, my RV Driving School instructor.  I couldn’t have asked for anyone better.

Over time, practicing what I learned from the RV Driving School, I will become an even safer, confident, and much more relaxed driver of our RV.

Thank you Paul Metzinger and the RV Driving School for providing me with an excellent RV driving foundation.

Leah S.

I retired recently and my wife and I couldn’t wait to load the truck up and hit the road, camper trailer in tow.  Three problems – no truck, no trailer, and no towing experience.  We don’t let small details get in the way, though, so we bought a pickup, rented a trailer and booked ourselves a two-day training program with RV Driving School.  We’re so glad we did.

The training program was led by an experienced, patient, enthusiastic instructor, and we came away with many practical skills that helped us get the most out of our first trailer camping experience, eight nights in Glacier National Park.  We felt supported during the training, and learned how to operate safely and confidently in many situations.  Among other things, my wife and I learned how to back the trailer into a camp site, to drive on narrow mountain roads, to navigate gas stations during fuel-ups, to set up the camper at the site, to do emergency repairs, and in general how to drive safely and defensively.

We highly recommend RV Driving School.

Mark & Carolyn G.

Dear George Mayleben,  My instructor, Jim Fischer was entirely professional.  He provided me/us with information we had not been privy to.  This was very important to me since my husband and I had learned by reading.  Mr. Fischer kept me on point all the time.  I tend to chat too much.  It is very good to be reminded that driving is work.   Practice was recommended, and what we did together in a parking lot was most helpful.  He constantly reminded me to be slow in backing up.  This was difficult as it seemed best to “GO” in the RV.  It was the best instruction, for me.
 I am very thankful for this opportunity.  It  was easy, Mr Fischer was patient and pleasant.

Donna D.

I really enjoyed the driving course!  Candace is an excellent instructor and I love the way she teaches.  She gets to know ya, watches how you drive, and keeps the student very involved in discussions about the rig.  Her trips are excellent and she follows through when she states she will send more tips for the student!
Excellent instructor!  Gets a A+++++++ from me!

Kari R.

My spouse and I were very pleased with the results we received through RV driving schools. Candace traveled approximately 150 miles to meet us at our site.

It was easy to sign up for the course. The instructor arrived on time and was friendly, professional, and experienced in driving as well as teaching.

My spouse has never driven an RV.
•         My spouse did quite well and with my directing and her driving can back into a tighter spot that I can.
•         This was her 1st time driving. She followed instructions and drove very well. I felt quite comfortable riding in the back.

Me: I have been called a difficult and argumentative student.
•         Candace remained calm and answered my questions thoroughly.
•         We did several repeats of backing up between cones to demonstrate how her method worked better for backing in tight RV parks.

I didn’t competitively check price due to the numerous referrals they have. Price was slightly less than hiring a private flight instructor. I have an ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) certificate.

Overall a very good value. I would recommend the course to anyone having difficulty or fear regarding RV Driving. We may do a repeat course someday.

John G.

Mike was awesome.  Highly recommend to anyone.

Steven R.