Here are 280 comments made by our happy customers!

My wife and I had a terrific 2 days with Gary Goldsberry. The lesson was a great primer on our RV, and a thorough education on all relevant safety equipment and protocols. I repeatedly told him he had the patience of Job. We feel much more comfortable towing and are confident in our safe operation as we plan our first trip.  You have a terrific Teacher on your team, and we enthusiastically recommend him.  We will most certainly take brush up lessons in the future.

Phil H.

Before taking this class I was very reluctant to drive such a large vehicle and felt the need to have instruction so I could better understand how to drive safely. I came across your school when doing an internet search, and you offered all that I was looking for. So, my husband and I signed up to take your 2 day course.

We were very pleased with our instructor, Phil Bachman. He did a good job on going our RV. He discussed the safety features, what to check before you start the RV when beginning a trip as well as safe operation while driving. He was very knowledgeable and gave us good advice on Do’s and Don’ts for different situations, such as driving in mountains. Phil is a good teacher and his experience as a truck driver and a long-time RV owner helped us gain very helpful information.

By the end of the 2 day course, I felt comfortable behind the wheel of our RV (Renegade Classic 41’). Phil had me backing it up, parallel parking, going into Rest Areas and truck stops. I am now confident that I will be able to handle the RV on our trips.

Thank you for providing this school and for having such good instructors. We will definitely recommend RV Driving School to others.

Dr. Ramona W. P.

Tim Armstrong was wonderful, calm and easy going during my driver training in our 42’ motorhome. I have never driven anything larger than a passenger truck so I was pretty nervous. Tim put me right at ease and kept giving me lots of encouragement and positive feedback. By the second day, I drove in freeway rush hour traffic and did great! Now it’s just more practice to make me feel confident. Thanks Tim!

Denise V.

 Gary Wiesz was an excellent gentleman to work with for our rv driving lessons. He worked hard to make us feel comfortable under his supervision. Meanwhile in a gentle manner he shared suggestions on how to be a safer and better rv driver.
    We appreciated how he used a wide variety of of driving terrains for us to hone our skills. This was beneficial as we continued our travels after our lesson.
    Already we have recommended RV Driving School and Gary to other rv motorists.
    Also, we appreciated the promptness of getting our certificates of completion to us. Overall we found all aspects of RV Driving School to be a very professional business.

Carol & Agapito H.

Finished up our two days of RV driving school yesterday. I thought I knew how to pull a trailer, but I sure learned a bunch! Mary went from being paranoid about pulling the fifth wheel to being a confident driver. It was worth every penny! Lesson were arranged through

(#rvdrivingschool). We took our course in Yuma, AZ. Instructor was Dan Sheppard. I’d give the program a “10” on the old 1-10 scale. Pictures below are Mary practicing backing into a space. The cones are set to determine how much room we need to maneuver.

Joe M.

Hello! Just wanted to let you know about our driving class this weekend, our instructor Tim “Mr Cool” Armstrong never got flustered or impatient as he took a student who had never backed a trailer before and had her able to back our 35’ 5th wheel between two busses by the second day. A valuable class and more than worth the money, I believe the class should be a prerequisite when purchasing a new camper. Thank you RV Driving School!

Bob & Laura J.

Thank you so very much!  I wanted to let you know just how terrific Gary Goldsberry is!  So patient, knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond, and I know that he has my best interest and safety at heart!  I would be proud if I were you to have him be representing you out here.  I will be spreading the word, for sure!!

Cyndi B.

I had a wonderful lesson with instructor Glyn Carson. He is a jewel. Thank goodness he limited me to just 4hrs a day training. I appreciated that he scheduled the instruction to what I wanted to accomplished and do, every step of the way. He also spent time on issues I hadn’t even thought about and I’m so glad he did.
He focused tips & training to incorporate the solo aspects of doing manuevers and how to overcome weight lifting limitations that I have. He really calmed my fears and for my son who was so worried about me driving long distance by myself.
Luckily Glyn was game to address my biggest fears. I took him to an extremely busy Walmart at noon on Saturday to navigate narrow lanes with numerous obstacles. I’m happy to say that there was no loss of life or property and no one had to get out of my way and no horns honking at me. I think my son was a wreck in the back seat but luckily I didn’t see or hear his angst but heard him relate the event to family.  Yes, thank you for allowing an observer who could ride along to take notes for me and to help reiterate points once Glyn left. My confidence soared after the first day and we continued to practice the second day to keep the lessons fresh. What I appreciate he showed me how to check my rig and discussed things the dealer never mentioned, he also helped me learn so things about my new truck that I didn’t know yet. What I appreciate the most is when I came to an issue the following week he took the time to advised me.
You have one heck of a great teacher in Glyn. You’d be a fool to ever let him go. His easy country manner is so calming and I was fortunate to meet with his wife so I was able to get hints and ideas from her as far as the womanly aspects of setting up an rv too.
 I have already recommended the class to a camping friend who is planning to get an rv soon and to my banker who’s husband does all the traveling but realizes there could come a time when she will have to drive and having to do so in an emergency situation isn’t the best time to take it on.

Helen B.

I think I am an atypical RV Driving School student as I have a number of years driving my class A but wanted to improve my comfort level in tight situations.  I conveyed that desire to my instructor, Paul Metzinger, and he tailored the instruction to focus on that need.  The area we used for training was excellent (an incomplete home development) which allowed for staging various driving situations in a controlled environment.  We even used my TOAD to represent traffic at intersections to make the turning exercises more realistic.  Paul also worked with me on improving my ability to back my RV into my home driveway by simulating my home environment after completing the camp spot back in exercise.  His tips were very useful and I was able to successfully apply them when I got home.  Overall, I was very satisfied with the course.

I think a focused class on just on the road driving situations would be useful.  I always ask myself ‘Can I make that turn?’.  I bet that specific scenarios can be defined and set up that can test an individuals ability to assess a turn and then react accordingly.  You could easily spend 4 hours on this subject alone.

John A.

Ken was an excellent instructor. He was so patient with us and was very informative.  From the very first minute we met him, we knew we were in good han

ds. He is an amazing instructor. What we learned will last a lifetime. We would highly recommend your school as well as Ken as an instructor.

Stephen P.