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As a couple about to buy our first RV, we felt it was extremely important that we do everything we could to be the safest RV drivers possible. We researched possible options for taking driving lessons and found only one RV driving school that provided actual DRIVING. While the web site was not the easiest to use, we ended up connecting with the most wonderful gentleman imaginable, so it was all worth the effort in the end.  Mr. Timothy Armstrong is that wonderful gentleman, and not only did he wind up being our instructor, we are also pleased to be able to call him a new friend!  We were incredibly impressed with his kindness and professionalism at every step along the way.  He even made numerous accommodations to our ever-changing schedule, even at inconvenience to himself. The two days of hands-on lessons were exhilarating, exhausting, and full of useful practical instruction. Tim did not hesitate to get us into real-world driving situations, once he had prepared us. Tim’s emphasis on safety and respect for the vehicle were lessons well learned.  We cannot say enough good things about him but rest assured, if you are ever in the market for RV driving lessons, we highly recommend Tim.

Steve L.

Charlie was awesome… Being RV newbies we both learned a ton from him. Have over 1000 safe miles on our 2016 Winnebago 36M Journey in the first week since we did our class with him last week. 
We highly recommend Charlie and your RV driving School, Charlie is a total big rig pro! His decades of experience gave both of us the positive encouragement so that we  can drive our rig like pro’s too.

Eric A.

Thank you for the opportunity to re-establish my driving skills in my Foretravel IH45-(Ironhorse45).

This is our 5th coach -motorhome- and I had driven the first three about five times for only about 30 minutes.  My husband was the main driver of the past RV vehicles.  He is a diabetic, as are many, RVer’s and incase something happened I wanted to know how to drive the IH45, plus on long trips I could relieve him as another driver.

My instructor, Bruce Fontane, was a very good instructor for he gave me confidence in driving my Coach.  He didn’t ask me to do anything he thought I could not achieve.  Bruce was very aware of where I was driving in Champoeg St. Park, the lack of tree maintenance-branchs not cut back, and he was out of the coach directing me around these branches protruding over the park roads.  Bruce would tell me what action we were going to do before it happened so I was not surprised.

Because my driving lesson was in December, Bruce took into account the weather conditions and we didn’t drive on Tuesday, because it was windy and raining, and we had planned to do freeway driving.  So instead we reviewed papers, and I responded to questions regarding traffic issues he asked me.

Bruce was very professional, kind, and thoughtful during my lesson and didn’t come across as a know-it-all.  If I had to take another lesson I would not hesitate in asking for Bruce.

Marion W.

Paul and I signed up for the 12 hour combination class so we could learn how to pull our new Montana Fifth Wheel safely (we were newbies.)  Our instructor Glyn Carson suggested that we do the training in three 4 hour sessions instead of two 6 hour sessions and this worked out great.  We couldn’t be happier.
We can’t say enough about Glyn and his wife Diane.  They made us feel welcomed from the time we pulled into the campground.  They knew we were newbies so Glyn helped us back into our site and helped us get everything set up, and Diane made me feel at ease with words of encouragement.  Glyn emphasized safety and the rules of the road.  He also went over items that we should have as newbies.  Once we hit the road, Glyn’s experience, knowledge and patience had us driving confidently down the road.  (Paul speaking)  ” I wish everyone could have seen the smile on my wife’s face when she backed the fifth wheel into the parking spot on the first try.”
Considering the money we spent on the truck and fifth wheel, the money we spent for the training was the best money we spent.  Again, we can’t say enough about Glyn and Diane and would refer him to anyone.  Take the training; you won’t be sorry.

Paul and Connie J.

Greetings, we can’t say enough good things about the instructor, and the value of the training.  In a word both were superb.  We feel 100% confident in operating our first motorhome, a 43 foot, Country Coach. My wife now wants to drive all the time.  Most important is that backing in is now not a challenge.  The simple hand signals and the practice of them have made us confident that we can manage even the tightest RV sites.
Again we couldn’t be more pleased with our experience with our instructor and the value of the training.  We recommend it without reservation for beginners or anyone who wants to polish their skills.

Howard W.

I loved it. It gave me the confidence to park my Rv on the side of my house with almost no help. I have a 12ft opening gate and a 8’6″ wide rig. I manuevered it in and around the drop off with anew found confidence.  The drive home was great using what I learned about the 10 sec rule and using the cruise control.  Maybe next year a more complex class with more tight places to park and back into.  Rick was great and I will reccomend him to any one who feels they need to learn. (everyone needs to be confident behind the wheel)

Rob G.

Our driving class was a good experience.
Our first day I drove on the freeway and in town to get back to facility we used. Duane had me parallel park and 90 degree park until he thought I did real well. Richard did exceptionally well!
Duane is patient, thorough, and easy to feel comfortable around. We appreciated his knowledge and determination for me to keep trying.  The second day, unfortunately, the blinkers didn’t work so I didn’t want to drive on the freeway. Duane gave us a thumbs up and told us we did good for never have driving a rig before. It helps when you’re with someone who puts you at ease….thank you Duane Kunze!

Nelda O.

I still cannot believe how much I learned in just 2 days. Tim Armstrong made a pre-school visit to discuss the plan and to meet my dogs. I’m still in awe that he was so patient and so willing to work around my 2 dogs (they are a little possessive of space and of me). As for the instruction, it was very obvious that he knew what he was doing, knew how to teach me to do it, and he enjoyed MY learning. His feedback was always given in a positive manner. We repeated each maneuver until I felt comfortable, especially backing. Throughout the day, he provided information on personal and driving safety.
Tim also went above and beyond when he responded to my call for assist when one of my coach batteries failed. He assisted in trouble shooting the problem and getting the right help to fix it.
I would (and already have) strongly recommend this driving school to anyone planning to take the road in an RV. My only recommendation for improvement is to consider making it 3 days instead of 2. There is so much information that 3 days would make it easier to absorb.
Thank you so much for an experience that will make me a safer RV driver and a happier camper!!

Shirley S.

I cannot let time to pass without thanking you for the great two days we sent with Rick Klingberg. Beyond your amazing expertise and experience teaching and explaining everything around the RV, you are an outstanding human being, caring and connecting with people like us. We were very lucky to have you.

We are in Orlando, the 3 hour drive was great; I felt very confortable driving the highways and we also had to maneuver around some parking lots, but everything went well thanks to your great lessons.

The rig is performing very well, thanks God, and hopefully it will continue to do so. Today, we will go to St. Augustine and Tuesday to Cape Canaveral to end the journey on Wednesday at the Ft. Lauderdale RV park where the MH will stay until January.

Rafael C.

I wanted to let you know how incredible our experience was with Ken Shockley.  He is an amazing instructor, he was patient, direct and very knowledgeable and even though I had never driven anything larger than a regular sized vehicle he made me feel comfortable during the entire process.  My husband who had previous experience just needed a refresher and Ken was superb at quickly noticing his strengths and what he needed to work on.  I will highly recommend the course and Ken to anyone interested in learning to be a safe driver whether they have experience or not.  Thank you again for such a great experience that will ensure we enjoy our new Country Coach.

Traci R.