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I just completed my RV drivers training with Steve McCauley in Palmdale, CA. OMG where to begin. He taught me soo much I’m embarrassed to say. From checking out obstacles, trees and other drivers, to entering onto the frwy; from judging distances when pulling into gas stations. Just soo much. I went into the training totally not knowing a thing to now feeling so confident I could actually drive cross country. And I actually backed in and parked numerous times. I can’t thank your organization or Steve enough. Totally worth the $$ and the time. I wouldn’t change a think about this 8 hour training program. Thank you so much. And I’m a single, 60 year old female, solo, FT driver.

Cindy H.

Thanks again so much, guys! It was great!

Jill B.

My wife and I have just finished the RV Driving School, Lesson #Lesson# L8730. Our instructor, Dan Sheppard is a terrific teacher. He was patient, competent, and easy to work with. We thoroughly enjoyed the process and got a lot out of it, feeling now that we can confidently and safely drive our truck pulling the 5th wheeler.  I will recommend your school and Dan to anyone who asks.

David M.

We owned a 25 ft Class C for 16 years, and I thought I was fairly knowledgeable about driving an RV, up until we bought a 32 ft 5th wheel trailer last month. It was then I realized towing a trailer is much different than driving a Class C and I needed help.  Gary is a fantastic instructor. He had a well thought out instructional agenda planned for our 2 days. I learned numerous tips and tricks that have made my confidence level very high and my towing anxiety very low. Gary was a professional big rig driver for decades, and he passes this knowledge of driving and towing very large vehicles to his student.

I would highly recommend Gary and the RV driving school to anyone, seasoned RV driver or newbie.

Chris H.

We recently took a two-day RV driver training course through the RV Driving School, taught by Don Lundby, who has driven over a million miles as a pro semi-truck driver. Don is a joy to work with, and we came away with our skills greatly improved, our confidence and ability to drive safely hugely enhanced, and enthusiastic about recommending such training for anyone new to RV driving.

Don went to amazing lengths to put us at ease, and to give us manageable steps in progressively handling the typical challenges of driving a big rig through varying terrains and conditions. His professional manner of instruction is very well honed and appropriate to drivers of all ages, he respects and likes his students, and he is able to develop in them a serious focus on what counts most in safe driving. And he has an infectious sense of humor!

Any RV owner who wants to protect themselves, their loved ones and their valuable equipment on the road, and who wants to feel more at ease and prepared for any unforeseen conditions ahead on the road should consider RV Driving School, and if you get the chance to work with Don Lundby, take it!!! Absolutely worth the time and money!!

Jill B.

Tim is an excellent and extremely knowledgeable instructor.  His class gave my wife the needed confidence of becoming more of an “active participant” on long trips.  It also provides me the comfort of knowing I now have another capable driver on board at any time if needed.

Stephen C.

We are VERY pleased with our driving instruction and our instructor.  Ken could not have been more helpful and kind. He went above and beyond in helping us with all aspects of RVing.  We are brand new and inexperienced 5th wheel owners who have everything to learn and Ken was more than willing and able to answer any question we had about anything.  He even spent some of his own time with us outside of the lesson.

Ken was thorough, patient, knowledgeable and positive.  It is worth a trip to Pahrump, or wherever he happens to be to work with this gentleman!
An update to my remarks, if you would like to add, is that when we returned home after taking the driving course we were able to back into our driveway with very little trouble.  Pretty proud of ourselves!!  Again, we owe Ken many thanks!

Pam L.

We had a great experience today with Tim. Super professional and we learned a lot. Highly recommend your school

Joe V.

I enjoyed my driving lessons with Tim Armstrong.  He took away my anxiety and uncertainty about driving a class a motor home for the first time.  His calm demeanor and patience aided in this learning experience.  On my families first outing I used many of the scenarios that he took me through during my lessons to safely and confidently navigate my coach.  I will definitely recommend RV Driving School and Tim to anyone I meet.  You provide a great service with excellent instruction, Thank you.

Gabe R.

We are currently staying outside of San Antonio and in the past week I’ve encountered many new driving scenarios.  I’ve been able to safely and confidently navigate them all, thanks to your instruction.  I have used many of the scenarios that you took me through.  Taking my time and doing things slowly has really been the key.  Thanks again for your excellent  instruction.

Glabe R.