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We recently had RV driving lessons given by Paul Metzinger with Jordy Bender assisting/shadowing.  My wife and I were very impressed with the instruction and the hands on approach taken to get us (especially my wife) comfortable with the motor coach and its handling.  Paul was very adapt at getting us at ease with the lessons and this allowed for better absorption of the training as illustrated by the great results with backing, cornering, driving in the city/neighborhood and driving on the freeway.  Although Jordy was observing he also was a wealth of information and he has an easy going style that will be very much appreciated by his students in the future.  Paul’s vast experience and knowledge of all things RV gave instant validation of his instruction and his methods worked quickly to put my wife at ease and get her at a point where she feels she can handle the coach on her own.
I am very glad we took these lessons and my comfort with driving my own RV has improved immensely especially when confronted with backing and tight areas of operation.
My only disappointment was not related to the lessons at all, but when I presented our certificates to the insurance company they gave us a discount of $2.81.  That was it!  I told them not to bother.  But, that was not the reason for the lessons anyway.
Again, thank you for offering these lessons and we most especially thank our instructors.  We will enjoy the RV more with a better understanding of its handling and how to operate it.
I have enclosed a picture of my wife driving with Paul instructing.  My mom expressed a desire for proof of my wife really driving! 😊

Don D.

Phillip- I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the information and education during our lessons with you.  In fact, I drove from JWWR in Sequim to Port Townsend, onto the ferry, up Whidbey island and over Deception pass and to the repair shop in Sedro-Woolley.  Couldn’t have done it before.  We’re looking forward to our trip south at the end of the month without dreading the drive.

Best to you
Shirley and Jim

Shirley and Jim R.

As requested I am giving you my feedback on my lesson with Paul.  I feel like an RV driving superstar after my lesson.  Paul was extremely thorough and made sure I understood what he was telling me or asking me to do.  My husband was a passenger and he too was happy with Paul’s instruction.  When we met Paul he let us know about his Parkinson’s right away so we could pay special attention to what he was saying.  Greatly appreciated.  The only challenge I can think of is Paul’s speech and sometimes it was difficult to hear and understand him, but he made sure I did understand.  It seems like his speech got worse near the end of the lesson.  Could be he was tired.  Overall, I feel my lesson was worth every penny and I will recommend RV Driving School to anyone who asks how it was.
Thank you,

Merry I.

Thank your to Bill Baxter from RV Driving School for giving us lessons this week.  We had some laughs, he didn’t scream, and Mary Ann can now drive the RV!  Even on the interstate!  We both graduated cum laude!

Mary Ann M.

Our instructor was Ken Shockley. He was great! We were a little worried about the caliber of person we were going to encounter, but Ken exceeded our expectations.  It’s not often that you work with people that go the extra mile to make sure that we felt confident and comfortable, going thru every safety check, giving numerous tips along the way.  He was very patient, even in times when we ‘just weren’t getting it’. He took his time, explained it different ways, until the light bulb went off.
Thank you for having him as an instructor.

Ken & Pat B.

Duane was excellent – prompt, professional and patient! Qualities that made for a truly wonderful experience. When we purchased our 5th wheel (our very first RV ever), we were conscious that we would need someone experienced to help us out and Duane exceeded our expectations. He met us at the RV dealership where we were taking possession of our new trailer, showed us how to safely hitch the 5th wheel to the truck, what to double (and triple) check when hooking up, and making sure that everything worked properly before driving away.
Then we were off ….. a bit nervous at first (heck, it was the first time we had something attached to our truck let alone something 40′ long!) but by the end of the 2 days we spent with Duane, we were quite comfortable behind the wheel. As a result of taking this course, we are much more confident about our decision to get an RV, and our initial concerns about whether we could drive it or not have vanished!
Thank you!!!

Laurie D.

I am writing to note how great the driving class was with Jimmy.  He instilled confidence in my driving skills.  I have never towed anything in my life and he had me towing, turning, backing into parking spaces my 40 ft fifth wheel, in no time.  The next day we took off for our 1700 mile trip to Arizona.  Yep was a bit nervous but then settled in just fine.  Even got myself in a no outlet road and back up about 50 yards into on coming traffic.  Because of Jimmy I felt I could do it.  I certainly will need to practice my skills from Jimmy about parking though.  I would highly recommend him and the school for future driving skills.  Thanks again.

Russ H.

Please know that Karen and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the RV driving instruction provided by Michael Lynch and the RV Driving School.  The small investment of time and money will serve us invaluably in the future years/miles.

Karen and I are brand new to RVing, and to towing in general.  We wanted to complete the husband/wife training so that we could be equal partners in this new experience, but also so that we would have shared knowledge/experiences to ‘bounce off’ and check each other.  We know that, in towing a large fifth wheel, we are only a split second away from a dangerous or expensive wrong move.

That’s probably what we valued most from Michael Lynch’s training.  Of course, his life-long experiences in all types of towing were invaluable, but he filled every lull with his thoughts on towing preparation, driving safety, and situational considerations.  Michael’s ‘voice’ will likely be in our heads for years to come.

We appreciate the personal interaction we were able to have with Michael.  He is a man of many interests and life experiences.

Finally, I am thankful to Michael for his treatment of Karen and I as a husband/wife team.  He demonstrated great patience in tailoring his approach to each of our individual needs.

Thank you,

David & Karen R.

I would like to share with you our appreciation first for the service you provide and second for the outstanding instructor – Duane.  His patience, knowledge, ability to teach and other skills are Top Shelf.  I especially appreciated his teaching us things to help us safely use our coach like: Air Brake safety test, hand signals for pre departure check list and hand signals for Driver and blind side backing.  Outstanding class, Instructor, and Process for taking the class.

Thanks again from both Lorraine and I.

Douglas S.

I’ve been wanting to provide feedback on Joe Powell, SR because he deserves great praise. I apologize for the delay but we have been using the knowledge and skills that Joe instilled in us.

This is our 1st RV and we started with a 45’ with a Hydralift on the back. Joe not only provided me with the tools to park and enjoy driving the coach but also provided my partner the comfort in assisting.

I don’t know how to thank him enough for everything and his diligence in providing helpful and pertinent information. His method of teaching and use of his knowledge provided us the confidence in taking on this monster on our own.

Within 3 days of the 1st time behind the wheel, we were able to park in a very tight spot at Fort. Wilderness at Disney with no incidents.

We appreciate everything Joe has done for us.

Very `Grateful,

Connie C.