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Mark and I had a great lesson with Pat Kleinbrook.  She was very calm and helped me to feel confident in my ability to actually drive our new coach.  She was very helpful in giving us constructive feedback on what we were doing and able to meet with our schedules to learn to drive.
I have nothing to add that I thought she could do differently.  I have been driving now on each and every trip and first for me!

Carole B.

I took a 2 day lesson with Gary Wiese, he was great!!  I told him what I
needed help with and we worked on those items. However, I learned so much more. He is a great
teacher and I now feel more confident driving my RV.  This is my first motor home
and I felt okay with my current skills but these lessons were just what a new driver (in my
opinion) needs.  
Thank you again for the service you provide!!

PS  He never tried to jump out of the RV although I am sure I made him nervous
a couple of times … he said I had a lead foot!!

R. V.

My wife Nancy and I purchased a brand new 2020 Fleetwood Flair 29M Class A motorhome. Before taking delivery we learned about the RV Driving School through the RV Escapees club and decided that we both could benefit from personal instruction in the art and science of driving our shiny new rig.
Arranging for the course was pretty straightforward thanks to your assistance in finding an available instructor close to home. Luckily for us our preferred dates were available.
We took delivery of our new motor coach on 9/13/2019 and drove from the dealer in San Marcos, CA up to Redlands, CA where we boondocked for our first night in the new rig. What a fantastic experience that was.
Our instructor, Rick Bremmer, met us at our boondock site and our lessons started promptly. Rick put us through our paces on 9/14/2019 and 9/15/2019 and immediately had us driving and backing up with confidence in the empty parking lot of a nearby VA Hospital. From there he introduced us to driving on city and residential streets, freeways, mountain and canyon roads, and some really narrow rural roads. Throughout it all Rick was thoughtful and encouraging and explained how driving an RV is different from driving a car. Rick was a fountain of useful information and tips and he helped us to back in to the RV park and oversaw our hooking up at the site we were going to overnight at on 9/14.
Rick met us early on 9/15 and the lessons continued with the emphasis on making my wife comfortable behind the wheel. He was a great encourager and she soon became a confident and capable pilot.
By the time our lessons were drawing to a close we felt we had made a new lifelong friend in Rick. We are looking forward to crossing paths with him at many campsites in the future.
If someone were to ask me if RV Driving School was worth it I would say “You betcha!”

John & Nancy K.

The RV Driving School with Michael Lynch is worth every penny!  We think every new motor home owner should take the class!  In addition to how to operate the coach safely and responsibly and all aspects of driving – MIRRORS, backing up, clearance, turns, corners, emergencies, changing lanes, busy local streets – Michael covered basic operations of the coach, pre- and post-trip inspections, trip planning and much more.  The time we spent with Michael was packed with essential information .  Operating and driving a motor home is complicated and a major responsibility.  RV Driving School with  Michael Lunch gave us the critical information and basic motor home skills training we needed to start our travels safely.
We took the Driving School in our 2019 Tiffin Phaeton.

Ray T.

You may certainly share my email, here is a picture of the little old lady driving the big rig!

Mary P.

Hi, just thought I’d give some quick feedback. We had Les as our instructor & he was great. It was very helpful as we are novices to hauling a trailer.
Definitely worth the investment!

Erin C. & Les R.

Just wanted to thank your school and the private instruction from your instructor Michael Lynch.  The class was very informative and well instructed.  The pace of learning was perfect.  We did not move on to a new technique until we were comfortable with the last one.  Michael did an excellent job in teaching us things we had no idea that we were going to be able to learn in 2 days.  Not only did we learn how to drive a Class A RV, the information was very helpful for our own personal vehicle as well. We would highly recommend this course to any individual thinking on purchasing a Class A.
Once again thank you and safe travels.

Michael & Patricia R.

Thanks –  do you have an affiliate program and I am happy to promote RVDS to my friends

Kay W.

Thank you so much!! I am recommending RV Driving School to everyone!

Donna D.

You should know a couple of other important things about my feedback. 
First, that I started my career at the Boeing Company 35 years ago, working in the Transportation department, moving very large objects including Airplanes worth millions of dollars with often hundreds of an inch clearance and absolutely no room for error.  So I know more than the average person about the risk and operation of large pieces of equipment.  Dan obviously has those skills.
Second, In the last 20 years at Boeing I have been a Senior Strategist for our Learning Organization, responsible for training every type of skill, from engineering to manufacturing to computing skills and yes, including transportation skills, to almost 200,000 employees worldwide.  I have multiple Master’s Degrees in Learning Science, as does my wife who also has many years of experience in Adult Learning, and is currently a Professor at Bellevue College here in Washington State.  So we know more than the average person about what it takes to educate people, starting with understanding learning styles, developing the curriculum or approach, and then most importantly the delivery.  Dan has those skills.
There is one other important element that it takes to make it all work well, and this part is much harder to find when hiring a good instructor.  I’m a believer that in order to be a great instructor, you have to be a great “people person” and be able to communicate well with all walks of life.  I believe it’s an innate skill that you either have or don’t, and it’s really hard to develop it if you don’t already have it, especially as an adult.  Dan definitely has those skills.
My wife and I took the 2 person lesson, knowing that even though I’m the more experienced of the two and could get by without a lesson, I also knew that everyone including me can continue to learn and improve.  And it was really interesting to see how Dan balanced my more advance experience (while still making sure I was learning new things) and at the same time was able to teach my wife who had never been behind the wheel of anything larger than a pickup truck Dan was a very smooth and advanced master of instruction, always making both of us feel comfortable and making sure we were learning.  He also made sure to solicit feedback from us throughout the 2 days, and wanting to know if we needed more information, or had additional questions.  We never felt rushed, and we never felt bored.  As I’m sure you know these are all signs of a great instructor. 
That said, Dan has all of the right skills, all of the right experience, and can help anyone learn to drive an RV. 
By the time we completed our lessons, Michelle and I were both absolutely delighted with the results.  Frankly, it was the best damn money we could have spent, and we both felt that we had certainly gotten “luck-of-the-draw” in having Dan as our instructor.  We left there knowing that the affects of what we learned would stay with us for a lifetime and would forever change the way we are able to enjoy our Motorhome. 
We appreciate what you and your school do… it changes lives.  We can’t thank you and your team, especially Dan, enough.  He’s a gem for sure.  We now consider him a friend. 

Bill & Michelle W.