Here are 421 comments made by our happy customers!

We were very pleased with the RV driving lesson we received.  The instructor was well prepared, very knowledgeable, thorough, polite, courteous and patient.  We felt that the curriculum was meaningful, well taught, and comprehensive.  We would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to gain or enhance their RV driving skills.  The student now feels much more confident behind the wheel of our Winnebago View and the ride along, who has held a CDL for over 40 years, also picked up some good pointers and refreshers.

Carol E.

Paul Metzinger was my instructor last week. Paul is an excellent instructor.  He explained and taught in a manner that put me at ease and encouraged me to ask questions.  The topics covered were thorough and I am very happy that I took the course.  It gave me the addtional confidence that I was looking for.  I left feeling confident and looking forward to my new adventure. Thank you Paul.

Anna B.

I can only say good things about my instructor.  Paul was always calm and low key when giving instructions.  I had had previous experience in driving a Class A with a gas engine but I am new to a diesel engine.  Paul was very good in taking me through the diesel aspect of driving.  He is a great instructor.
On another note, I am unable to print out the certificate in it’s entirety.  It does not print my name, dates, etc.  It will only print what I assume is the template that you fill in with name, etc.  What am I doing wrong?

Alan D.

Philip Beasley was our instructor on 3/22 and 3/23 in Sequim Washington.
Philip is an outstanding instructor! He was clear, patient and very effective. Our RV is a 2012 Newmar Ventana 3433 (34’10” long). We’ve owned it since November 2018. I have been driving it but my wife Kerry was going into the lesson ice cold and with a lot of trepidation.
Philip was tremendous in his ability to mover Kerry from total inexperience and outright fear on day one, to day two a skilled driver with confidence. What a transformation!
We both benefited greatly from the close parking lot challenges and open road exercises. The training polished my skills and greatly added to my overall confidence. Whether you are experienced or a newbie we absolutely recommend this training. It is well worth the time and cost which we consider a small investment compared to the long term benefits and enjoyment of driving the RV.

Les J.

Paul is a great guy to work with.  Picked up a few good tips on backing into camping spots & cornering + he got my wife to drive some which is much appreciated.
Having driven RV’s for almost 40 yrs. he reinforced many things I learned by trial and error.  Fortunately not to many errors.  
Would highly recommend Paul to anyone interested in improving their driving skills.

James K.

We recently completed the RV Drivers School course. We went into this with much anxiety and some fear as we had never towed anything as big as the 38’ 5th wheel we recently purchased. Our instructor, Jordey was absolutely amazing! He was totally professional, calm in his instructions and delivery putting us at ease right from the start. His knowledge was very evident in all aspects of the instruction on handling our 5th wheel safely and proficiently. This course of instruction gave us confidence in going forward in our life of being full time RV’ers. We very much look forward to the days, months and years to come in our RV lifestyle having the tools to head on down the road with the knowledge and the skills to be safe on the road (and maneuvering our 5th wheel into and out of parking spaces).
Many thanks to Jordy and RV Driving School for helping us along our way.

Doug B.

We ( my husband and I) took two days of driving lessons from Gary Wiesel on May 5 and May 6 with our newly purchased Itasca Solei ( 39.5’) motorhome. It was Lesson # L9332.
I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Gary! He has a calm, easy style about him, sprinkled with delightful humor. His voice is easy on the ears and his way of guiding and directing verbally was soothing and confidence building. I joked with him that he ought to give us an earbud to take with us with his calm, encouraging voice to help guide us along. With his guidance, I went from being really nervous about driving such a big vehicle ( having no experience at all with this) to total confidence that I could do it well. That was such a HUGE shift for me to make in such a short time.
He is a talented instructor and an asset to your driving school! We had fun learning with him. I will recommend him to anyone that wants to master driving such a big vehicle safely. Thank you, Gary!

Rita G.

As a novice class A motorohome driver, I found the RV instruction very helpful. There was plenty of ‘on the road’ driving and coaching by my instructor. Our driving included a multitude of situations, including expressway, bridges, city streets, turning, backing, and even getting in an out of a gas station.  The instructor, Dwight, was very professional and thorough.  I am happy that I took the course.

Dean L.

I am writing to say that I am very glad that I decided to take RV driving lessons with you.  I was hoping to gain more confidence behind the wheel and my instructor reassured me that after my lessons I would be able to drive the RV confidently under any situation.  My main concerns were finding my position on the road and turning safely.  I also had never backed it up.  I got great tips for how to do all those things and had a chance to practice until I got the feel of it and felt confident doing it.  My instructor was very patient and encouraging with me.  Both my husband – who was my ride along – and I felt like we got some invaluable information.  I now am more than happy to take turns driving rather than reluctantly agreeing to do so.
Thank you so much for providing this service!

Joan A.

Gary was a phenomenal instructor. He was extremely knowledgeable and experienced, which was apparent from the second we started. I went from not even knowing how to hook up the fifth wheel hitch to feeling comfortable driving a 40′ trailer through mountains and traffic by the end of the second day. Gary was prompt and had great communication skills, and he provided additional advice and other recommendations that were well beyond the scope of the course. I’m completely new to all of this, and the in-depth guidance on how to simply use my truck to its full extent was unexpected, but immensely useful. I was particularly impressed with his sincere offer to field any further questions that may arise in the future. While I’ve hopefully progressed to the point where I can google such things myself and not bother him with trivial matters, his genuine dedication to my safety and success was very much appreciated. This course exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to learn or improve their RV driving skills.

Andrew J.