Here are 487 comments made by our happy customers!

We had a wonderful time with Les.  He was super friendly, helpful, and informative.  We learned a lot that will help us to be safer and drive more effectively.  I no longer feel so stressed when even thinking about backing in the 5th wheel; my confidence has risen dramatically after this class with Les.  I have to turn this 42′ beast around in my driveway and it took me 5 tries before; now after the class, I can do it in one shot.  Thanks so much for the great class; well worth the money.  Thanks again to Les; we really enjoyed our time with him and all he had to teach us

Barry E.

Steve Mulcahy mentioned that after our final payment for Lesson L9750 was made, that we would receive both notification that the final payment was received and that a certificate of completion would be attached that we could show our insurance company and, perhaps, receive a discount since we had taken the driving class. We did receive notification that the final payment was made, but it did not have the attachment with it.  Would it be possible for you to send that certificate.

I would also like to say that my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our lesson with Steve.  We learned so much and received so many good pointers on how to tow, and back, our 5th wheel.  Steve put us in situations that challenged us and showed us that we could do things I did not believe we could!  Although still cautious in our approach, we have more confidence that we can do it!

Thank you Steve and also thank you RV Driving School for offering this class!

Jerry & Karel D.

So sorry for the delay in responding. My lesson with Phillip was absolutely amazing. He took the time to ensure I was comfortable and his explanations and evaluations were top notch. He made what was going to be a very stressful experience for me into a very enjoyable class. I would highly recommend this class and this school to anyone who needs a beginners or refresher class in driving with a trailer.  I will be taking another class as soon as we are back in Washington and my husband will be taking the class also. The class exceeded everyone of my expectations!!

Julie W.

hank you for a great lesson. I had a lot of fear about driving a 31 ft RV before beginning the lesson. Geoff taught me how to drive, turn, park, and back into a parking spot during my driving lesson. I am a much more confident RV driver!

Thank you!

Marlene R.

I took my lessons with Pat Kleinbrook. How fortunate for me to get such a wonderful instructor. I have been putting off taking lessons for years as I was scared to death. I did drive the Alaska Hwy years ago for 1/2 hour when my husband stopped at a pullout & said “ok you’re turn”. He gave me a brief run down of what to do. So practically no one on the road so I was good. Then was nearing bridge construction so that was the end of my driving. Hadn’t been behind the wheel since. I wasn’t comfortable learning from my husband.
At the NKK rally I sat in on your seminars which I enjoyed. Then I thought if so many women drive, it couldn’t be that difficult. So the rest is history.
Pat was so calming & made me feel very comfortable. She is very knowledgeable of driving big rigs. I honestly did not believe I would ever feel that relaxed behind the wheel of our RV. How could that possibly happen in a matter of hours? It was all Pat. I’m not sure how I would have done with an aggressive instructor. We have a 2001 Mountainaire. The steering radius is not great. Pat worked thru that with me. I drove the freeway, I drove thru towns, I drove down streets. She taught me turns & backing & parking. Her tone is what an instructor should use with students. I’m hoping my husband will adopt her tone.
I am so grateful that Pat was my instructor. I would highly recommend her. I can now confidently share the driving on our travels.
After my lesson was completed, Bob hooked up our Jeep & had me drive around the parking lot to get the feel of a toad. Yet another experience but I have a good understanding of towing a vehicle.
Thank you for providing this service at our rallies.

Joyce J.

I would like to thank Tim Evans for a great job of teaching me at your RV Driving School this past weekend.  In the past, I have owned snowmobile trailers and ATV trailers but a 35 foot camper Fifth Wheeler is a whole new ballgame!  He started out stressing that Safety is the most important thing to always keep in mind. And then he taught me how to park my 5th wheel camper.  Not easy!  He had the patience to hang in there.  But, not only how to drive and park, but to maneuver the vehicle as well in close areas.   He also gave many GREAT tips on camping with an RV and how to set up camp and break it down with recommended apps for fuel and RV campgrounds.  He recommended maps for driving cross country so that we would avoid low bridges etc. by using trucker routes.    All, so valuable as we begin a new chapter in our lives:  Retirement.
               Thanks again and let Tim know that he did a superior job!

Orly N.

Hey, we made it.  To the coast and back home, safely.  We have Don to thank for that.  Before he took us out in our rig, we sat and talked.  He asked us about our concerns, and what we planned for our trips.  He then set about teaching us to back, and guide each other.  He then set about addressing our concerns.  After that, he made suggestions to  improve our skills.  He also gave us tips on how to maintain our rv properly. We appreciate his knowledge and his patience.  We would include a picture, however our dated phone wouldn’t  do us justice.  We felt the class was well worth the time and money.  Thank you

Mike & Sheila T.

I would like to thank you and Michael Lynch very much for the training class this weekend.  Mike is such a wonderful and patient individual that the class was actually enjoyable.  My wife was the one that I had concerns about, but after the classes with Mike she has so much more confidence that she is now able to drive the coach and not be afraid.  Mike is such a knowledgeable individual that even though I have several years of driving experience I learned a great deal as well.   I am very fortunate in that I have gained a new friend in Mike thru this process as well.  How much better can it get….a new friend and the learning experience.  This was money well spent!!!
Thank you to your You and your Team,

Ron E.

I apologize for my delayed response.  Anyway, I wanted to express my gratitude for the awesome job by my instructor Duane.  He was fantastic.  Very patient and thorough, from beginning to end.  Money well spent.

Mark T.

Mark and I had a great lesson with Pat Kleinbrook.  She was very calm and helped me to feel confident in my ability to actually drive our new coach.  She was very helpful in giving us constructive feedback on what we were doing and able to meet with our schedules to learn to drive.
I have nothing to add that I thought she could do differently.  I have been driving now on each and every trip and first for me!

Carole B.