Here are 468 comments made by our happy customers!

Thank you for the opportunity to give feedback on our experience.  Sherriand I are very pleased with the content and the professional way Mike Neill conducted our class. Sherri was very apprehensive from well before our class and up until the point in the class where Mr. Neill somehow put her at ease and enabled her to learn the skills necessary to safely drive our motorhome.   Even when we had unexpected challenges that resulted from a part failure on the motorhome, Mr. Neill helped us analyze the problem and make a course of action.  We were very fortunate to resolve the problem late the first day and he adjusted his plans so we could complete everything the next day.   The second day was very successful with both Sherri and I driving quite a distance through all kinds of highways and city streets.
I would highly recommend the RV Driving school to anyone that owns a motorhome.  Great content, professionally delivered and worth our investment.

Larry & Sherri F.

We thoroughly enjoyed the training on Tuesday and Wednesday this last week given by Steve Avant!  He was an excellent teacher and went above and beyond to give us information that we would need in our newly purchased RV!!!
We have no complaints whatsoever and highly recommend him for future training.  In fact, we believe that we will need the refresher course next year and plan to adjust our schedule to be able to reserve time with him then.

Deb W.

Both Jerry and I had a great time with Dan Sheppard and learned a lot.  We had no idea how we should really be turning when going left or right.  We also both have confidence in our ability to back up and park now.  Dan gave easy to understand instructions and made sure we understood and could direct each other when it came to backing up.
We came away with a lot of new information on a variety of things including driving defensively and we had a fun time doing it.  Dan is a great teacher with a good sense of humor.
As far on ways to improve..  For me personally I would have benefited from someone going over one of the passes with me to help me my first time over.  Dan explained the different things we might encounter but I don’t always understand things about the truck, how it might shift or what I have to do.  It is not that it wasn’t explained well enough to me it’s just that I need more than that.  I learn by reading, someone teaching and in a case like this I then need someone beside me teaching me as I go up and down the pass.
I know something like this in the program would be an added expense but it would be worth it too me.  This is my truck but my husband was always the driver and I navigated so when he passed away I had to go into my Ford dealership and have someone get in the truck and explain all that it had.  Jerry has never owned a truck either.

Aleta H.

Hello!! I really enjoyed Randy the  instructor! He was kind and caring and had a great personality– perfect for this job. He was very knowledgeable about our bus unit and gave me pointers on how to remember things. I can apply his information to my personal camper as well as our work bus. Thanks Randy!

Adena Health System (commercial lesson)

We had Les as our instructor & he was great. It was very helpful as we are novices to hauling a trailer.
Definitely worth the investment!

Erin C. & Les R.

Our lesson with Randy Stanhope was far more comprehensive than we expected. He covered every button, knob and switch on our coach. We opened and reviewed every cargo door. But most importantly the driving skills and safety factors we learned about our coach were extremely helpful. My wife has become a great “spotter” for the tight spaces we encounter, thanks to Randy’s directions. We are very pleased with all aspects of our training. Randy truly knows his stuff. This course is a must do for all new RV’ers. We highly recommend Randy and this educational course.

Donald N.

I found the RV Driving School online, and picked a teacher from the site map based on our travel obligations.  Though there were a few teachers in states closer to my home, Steve was located conveniently along the route of our trip. He flexed his schedule to accommodate our travel itinerary.

He also recommended a nice campground that we liked, for our overnight stay.

Just as per the reviews from other students, I experienced Steve to be top notchl, personable and knowledgeable. His teaching approach and soft skills was a great match for me!!

Steve was understanding, and flexed skill practice considerately; communicated precisely, patiently and had skill steps broken down to smallest tasks, and in sequential order.  He had a fun humor too at the right times.  He demonstrated and explained well the technicalities and cautions for rationale behind RV driving principles.

Not once did he treat me (or speak) harshly.  Not once did I feel frustrated or overwhelmed during the 8 hours of lessons.  Which says a lot about his teaching talents, because I’m a sensitive  person, and had extra fear, having been a passenger in an RV wreck 4 months prior.

Thanks to your school and Steve’s skill, today I confidently gave my husband 2 two- hour breaks from driving the next day continuing to our destination.

Dave & Barb S.

I just wanted to send you some constructive feedback on our joint lesson the 19th and 20th of July. Our instructor was Mr. John Gaquin and he was very good. I was worried and apprehensive before the class and concerned that the instructor might be impatient or a yeller! Well, I was very pleasantly surprised from the first minute I met John! He was a friendly, kind and very understanding instructor that put us at ease, both myself and my wife, from the very first minute! He taught at a pleasant pace that helped both of us learn from him and each other. There were two very important and valuable things he taught us! The first was,  how to maintain proper lane centering by looking well ahead of the coach and focusing slightly right of the lane lines. It helped immensely. The second important point was, how to properly turn the coach, without having to figure out the pivot point, by using the driver’s hip line when passing the turn point. These both will make better coach drivers out of both of us.
One of the funniest things that happened was when my wife, Janet, was parallel parking the coach for the first time. John patiently drew it out and instructed her how to accomplish the maneuver and then turned her loose. When she parked it perfectly on her first try, I think someone?? Was heard to say and I quote, “damned!!!” Seriously he taught in a way that made both of us comfortable and that created a very positive learning atmosphere.
The only thing I would have liked to practice a little more was getting in and out of gas stations but with the one we did and all our discussions about acceptable stations, I have gotten to where I evaluate almost every station I go by. I always look for ones with islands that have a good 50′ from the store so I can either go through and turn on the outside island or one that has an exit around the outside of the store. I also watch the height and told my wife, if it comes down to it, however is not driving will get to go outside and marshal to driver in watching for proper clearance.
Finally, I would like to thank all of you for the instruction and confidence we acquired taking your RV Driving School class with John. Thank you and if you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (318)573-9761.

Gary H.

We wanted to drop you a line about our recent driving experience with your instructor Joe Powell in Grayling Michigan. Joe was very knowledgeable  in all things having to do with recreational vehicles and large vehicle maneuvering in general. He was very methodical in the way he taught the class and repeated the course until we grasped the road skills. My dear wife is now more confident in driving our RUV and I picked up lots of tips that will be a great help in our future travels around this great nation.
Thank you for providing a wonderful resource for the RV industry and it’s enthusiasts.

Bill & Michelle F.

We completed our driving school with flying colors thanks to Candace Rivero. She was prompt in arriving both days and we got right to work. Her pre-driving instructions were very valuable. We got to know each other then hit the road. Candace was clear and concise with her instructions. We practiced driving on highways, small town roads including traffic circles. We practiced both days on backing up the fifth wheel. During our time together Candace gave us loads of RV and RVing information. To sum up I highly recommend driving instructions and the RV Driving School if your new to this especially like we are. Candace was fabulous and I highly recommend her as an instructor.  Thank you and see you on the road.

David F.