Here are 387 comments made by our happy customers!

Tim Armstrong was absolutely the best! His knowledge and experience along with his ability to teach under stressful circumstances in a calm and patent way was amazing. A wonderful professional!
Thank you again for providing a much needed service with the right people.

Sam B.

It was a pleasure having Paul Griffith as my instructor.  He was very professional.  His demeanor was perfect for a situation such as this.  He was very calming and patient.  He made me feel very at ease in learning how to maneuver our RV.  He provided great feedback as I was going through the course and gave me plenty of opportunity to practice anything I wasn’t feeling comfortable with.  He taught all the key points in dealing with RV’s such as backing up, parking in campsites, turns at intersections, changing lanes, pulling into gas stations to fill up with gas, driving in narrow lanes, driving in traffic in town and on the highway, etc. I would highly recommend Paul as an instructor to future friends and family interested.

Melissa B.

Our driving course with Randy Stanhope was fantastic. My husband had been driving a while but wasn’t comfortable with being my instructor in our new diesel pusher, so we used RV Driving School to help me get the experience I needed. Randy was kind and patient and quickly accessed how much training we needed and in which areas to focus. The actual driving part gradually eased me into low traffic campground roads, then small local roads, then to increasingly larger and busier roads up to the freeway roads. I now feel confident that I can drive our rig and, most importantly, be safe on the road. I appreciated the discussions on road hazards to be aware of during the class. Thanks Randy!

Sandy M.

To me the perfect RV driving instructor is calm, encouraging but not overbearing, and a good communicator. I am happy to report that Paul Metzinger is all this and more! Paul patiently taught me to make good left and right turns and put the new-found knowledge into practice on city streets, construction zones and highways. On day 2 I was happily surprised to discover that I can back up straight for 50 feet, and now know the pivot point to easily back our 40-foot motorhome into campsites. He was also observant, noticing when I started to relax while driving. It was a very positive experience and I highly recommend Paul’s instruction!

Luann F.

Regarding my lesson with Bob in Benson, AZ… I could not have asked for a better instructor!  Bob was very patient with me and made me feel confident t

hat I could drive a 43 ft motor coach with ease. By the end of Day 2, that’s exactly what I was doing!
His gentle nature and repetitive constructive instruction were a great combination to ensure my money and time were well spent. I am now a proud graduate of RV Driving School.  Thank you Bob!

Diana M.

Just getting around to my mail. My lesson was excellent.  I’m glad that Tim Armstrong was available to be my instructor. He is very good at conveying instructions, and makes sure that they are being correctly followed.  Before my lesson, I had never backed up or parked my MH.  I am now very confident in my ability to do both.  He is also very patient.  I will certainly recommend him to other MH owners who are interested in a driving lesson.

Terri W.

I just completed my RV Driving course today, and couldn’t be more pleased! My instructor Gary Goldsberry was professional, knowledgeable and personable! With the benefit of his instruction I now feel confident to drive a Class A RV!
Thank you!

Vicki B.

We recently had RV driving lessons given by Paul Metzinger with Jordy Bender assisting/shadowing.  My wife and I were very impressed with the instruction and the hands on approach taken to get us (especially my wife) comfortable with the motor coach and its handling.  Paul was very adapt at getting us at ease with the lessons and this allowed for better absorption of the training as illustrated by the great results with backing, cornering, driving in the city/neighborhood and driving on the freeway.  Although Jordy was observing he also was a wealth of information and he has an easy going style that will be very much appreciated by his students in the future.  Paul’s vast experience and knowledge of all things RV gave instant validation of his instruction and his methods worked quickly to put my wife at ease and get her at a point where she feels she can handle the coach on her own.
I am very glad we took these lessons and my comfort with driving my own RV has improved immensely especially when confronted with backing and tight areas of operation.
My only disappointment was not related to the lessons at all, but when I presented our certificates to the insurance company they gave us a discount of $2.81.  That was it!  I told them not to bother.  But, that was not the reason for the lessons anyway.
Again, thank you for offering these lessons and we most especially thank our instructors.  We will enjoy the RV more with a better understanding of its handling and how to operate it.
I have enclosed a picture of my wife driving with Paul instructing.  My mom expressed a desire for proof of my wife really driving! 😊

Don D.

Phillip- I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the information and education during our lessons with you.  In fact, I drove from JWWR in Sequim to Port Townsend, onto the ferry, up Whidbey island and over Deception pass and to the repair shop in Sedro-Woolley.  Couldn’t have done it before.  We’re looking forward to our trip south at the end of the month without dreading the drive.

Best to you
Shirley and Jim

Shirley and Jim R.

As requested I am giving you my feedback on my lesson with Paul.  I feel like an RV driving superstar after my lesson.  Paul was extremely thorough and made sure I understood what he was telling me or asking me to do.  My husband was a passenger and he too was happy with Paul’s instruction.  When we met Paul he let us know about his Parkinson’s right away so we could pay special attention to what he was saying.  Greatly appreciated.  The only challenge I can think of is Paul’s speech and sometimes it was difficult to hear and understand him, but he made sure I did understand.  It seems like his speech got worse near the end of the lesson.  Could be he was tired.  Overall, I feel my lesson was worth every penny and I will recommend RV Driving School to anyone who asks how it was.
Thank you,

Merry I.