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On Friday, July 24th, We met your instuctor, Mr. Phillip Beasly for my lesson. It was very informative, and successful. We had a specific need to be able to back into our carport without having to make multiple attempts.  We sent him photos our driveway, and carport, along with demensions that he requested. He showed me what I was doing right, and what I needed to change. He also gave me instuction how to back into a 90 degree campsite in tight quarters.
We are completely satified. When we arrived back home, I was able to back right in. My wife said we took just over 5 minutes. ( the last time it was 30 minutes) She took two videos of Phillip coaching me. They are attached. This course was well worth the time and money. We highly recommend it.
        Respectfully, Gary P.

Gary P.

My training was completed this week with Mack.
It was his second course teaching for RV Driving School.
Mack has 40 years’ experience as a tractor & trailer driver as well as trailer and Class A motorhome driver.
He is very patient and has a keen eye to help you navigate the RV.
We spent 4 hours on day one parking.
Mack taught me left & right parallel parking, backing up, using the mirrors effectively, backing in to tight spots …excellent!
Day Two was about city, back roads and highway driving as well as proper shifting of gears … again, excellent.
I learned a lot from Mack!!!

Mike W.

Dwight Cunningham the instructor was very experienced because of his years as a bus driver, was adamant about all safety isuues, was patient but turn during the driving lessons. The most important thing i learned was to watch the spotter in the mirrors & ignore the backup cameras. It took me a while to not look in the mirrors trying to see why Dwight was telling me to do this, do that instead of just doing what the spotter directed.

All in all i was satisfied with the instructions given & learned .

Ronald P.

George- I wanted to thank you for sending Casandra to the RV-Dreams Rally in Sevierville to be my driving instructor.  To say I was nervous is a bit of an understatement.  I had driven our tow vehicle- an F450 quad cab dulley a few times since we bought it, years ago I towed a small boat and 2 jet skis but never a 44” 5th wheel with all of our belongings in it…  From the beginning of the session, Cassandra came across as knowledgeable and experienced and during my lesson, I found her to be not only that but patient and compassionate.  I went from gripping the steering wheel in a “white knuckle” fashion to feeling relaxed and confident that I was able to navigate through a great deal of traffic with our behemoth! I would highly recommend Cassandra to anyone interested in learning to drive an RV!!
Thank you!

Sue P.

I completely LOVED my session with Randy. He took me from “I think I am doing this right” to “I know I am doing this right!”.   Right after our lesson we went on a 300 mile trip to KY. His tips and recos made the drive easy.
My driving was so good and smooth that my wife and kid fell asleep in the back bedroom while driving home.  So many invaluable tips he gave. Loved it and will recommen

Sven B.

I have to admit I was skeptical about signing up for RV driving school. I have some knowledge but wanted to refine those skills as well as learn from a professional.  Jordy Bender was that professional and he was great!  He was able to answer all of my questions and really went out of his way to ensure that my girlfriend and I felt comfortable behind the wheel.  Highly recommend!!


Mike C.

I want to start off by saying thank you so much for establishing this school! Mike Neill was an amazing instructor. He provided excellent instruction with a wonderful demeanor. My two sessions with Mike were exactly what I needed being a first time RVer. Without his teaching, it would have taken me a very long time to get to the level I was at by the end of our time. Mike is a phenomenal teacher.

Charlie S.

Hello, this is very overdo but I wanted to reach out to you to let you know how freakin fantastic Mike was as my driving instructor. I truly had the best time with him over the two days. He showed me so much and I can guarantee you that my life (and others) is much safer now after having learned from him. He is a gem and I hope you all know that 🙂

Leisha F.

Thank you for hiring Michael Lynch to be our driving instructor.  After pulling a 43’ fifth wheel behind

a 21’, Dually truck for five years, my husband and I had our RV education IMMENSELY EXPANDED as we learned how to maneuver our next RV, a Tiffin Allegro Bus. 

On both days of instruction ( September 11-12, 2020),

Micheal Lynch used the following instructional


1.) common sense language;

2.) simple diagramming which both of us could see/understand; 

3.) visuals (a syllabus, a model bus and Post It notes);


4.) targeted explanations on why the RV DRIVING SCHOOL is a self preservation choice, a responsible driver choice, an economic choice and a safety choice for RVers.

Michael was a straight forward instructor.  He has forty years of big rig driving experience, so we “shut up”, listened and learned. Then, we DROVE, PRACTICED, PRACTICED and PRACTICED to reach our personal goals.

In addition, Michael evaluated our learning by:

1.) asking many pre and post instruction questions to determine how and what he needed to teach us and reteach us;

2.) giving us ample break time to ask our rig related questions; and

3.) professionally answering our questions using different examples and repeatedly drawing diagrams to help us master, our personal, achievement goals.

Michael Lynch encouraged my husband and me to continue to:

1.) practice, practice and practice;

2.) to quiz each other; and

3.) to create our own personal learning aids to help us to meet our individual, big rig, driving safety goals.

Sincerely, thanking you, for assigning Michael Lynch to be our instructor.   After our first day, we were so thankful that he came back.


June and Robin H.

We have just completed our RV Driving School training and we want to thank you for putting together such a great course! This is our first Class A RV and although we had done some research on best practices while handling this big rig, we really had no idea how much we didn’t know!
Our instructor Jordy Bender made us feel comfortable from the very beginning. His confidence in our ability to learn how to drive the rig safely – and have fun doing it – was contagious. We not only enjoyed his company for these many hours, but we took away some gold nuggets of wisdom that will no doubt stay with us and make our RV lives a lot easier. Jordy’s sincere efforts to help us achieve our goals of understanding the rig and the road exceeded our expectations.
We would highly recommend our course, and our instructor Jordy, to anyone starting their journey on the road.
Thank you again,

Dave and Deb U.