Here are 570 comments made by our happy customers!

First our instructor Joe Powell was exceptional. Listened, asked questions and made sure we were comfortable with everything. Explained why and how so we could understand and then consequences of your actions while driving the Motorhome. This training is highly recommended for anyone. 5 of 5 stars.

Tom J.

We just purchased a new Tiffin Allegro 33 ft RV after trying a much smaller rental. Given the large size of our new rig, we considered it imperative to take lessons in how to drive it. I forget exactly how we found your company but it was online. Within a few hours of registering our interest, Joe reached out by email. He was polite and professional, and we soon agreed on a date and time for our training.

I was dubious at first that it would take two full days of training but subsequent events proved me wrong. We arrived on time at our rendezvous to find Joe already set up and waiting. We were very happy to see that he took coronavirus precautions as seriously as we did, and he conducted almost all training in a mask. The only times he was not wearing a mask he performed social distancing.

I will not review each step of the training but would like to highlight the following aspects:

  • Joe jumped right in to practical learning without wasting time with a lot of theoretical knowledge. We were continually practicing what we were learning.
  • Joe’s standards were set to the highest reasonable level: in other words, we had to achieve more than almost any other RV or truck drivers would do in daily circumstances. This meant that our turns needed to be sharper, our braking better, etc. etc. If we didn’t achieve it the first time, we did it again and again till we got it right.
  • Joe always maintained great enthusiasm, vigor and good humor. Most of the time he was out on the hot tarmac directing and coaching us, but never showed any sign of flagging (or irritation).
  • Joe identified from the beginning the various traps and pitfalls that other drivers can create for an RV driver and taught us how to avoid or worst case, manage those situations.
  • Although Joe clearly has a vast experience of RVs, trucks and driving, he did not bring in his own war stories except once or twice for a very clear lesson. In other words, he focused the training on us and our needs, rather than his personal history. In my experience, this is extraordinarily rare for experienced professionals when they teach.

    After our training day was done, Joe spent up to another hour each day helping us learn about features of our RV and answering questions about the RV life. I was particularly struck by this since he must have been exhausted and it went well beyond the call of duty.

    A week later we set off on the long trip to Vermont which continues today. I am convinced that without Joe’s training, we already would have had at least one accident if not several.

Elliot & Isabelle R.

We had a great time and learned a lot.  Mike is a phenomenal instructor.
We went through all our concerns, practiced the tips he gave us, he helped adjust our mirrors and really gave us a great basis for driving a 45’ coach.

Ron F.

This is in response for your request for feedback from the driving lesson my husband Ken and I took with Dwight Cunningham on June 25 and 26.
This is our first RV, a class A 36-foot Tiffin Open Road, so Ken had very little driving experience, and I had none. I felt both surprised and much more confident after the lessons. Although Ken will be doing most of the driving, it’s important that I am also able to drive our rig at times. Dwight stressed patience and taking our time to be safe. He taught us basics on making safe turns and anticipating stopping distances. He taught us good habits on how to hold the wheel for the safest operation of the RV. We also got lots of driving experience in the two days of lessons.
For a suggestion for improvement on Dwight’s part, he explained a lot of the landmarks and restaurants in the area, and although his knowledge of the area was helpful for where he was taking us driving the RV, we both felt overwhelmed and sometimes distracted listening to Dwight give lots of local information while we were driving.
Ken’s comment is that he and Dwight had talked a few weeks before the lesson, and Ken had gotten the impression that Dwight could also assist with answering some RV questions (since we are so new). Dwight reviewed a very thorough safety plan with us before the lesson, and he offered some excellent safety suggestions, but he didn’t know anything about how RVs connect to cable TV at a campground (I don’t know if this was an unrealistic expectation?)
This sums up our experience as best as possible. Thanks for helping us to become better drivers! Take care and be safe.

Ann and Ken G.

My daughter, Ashley, and I completed the RV Driving School course (Lesson #L10510) this past weekend (27-28 June) with Steve Mulcahy as our instructor. It was a great experience. I only wish I had done this earlier.

Steve is an accomplished knowledgeable instructor. Coupled with his law enforcement background, he gave Ashley and I superb insight in being a responsible and safe RV driver. Steve was exceptional. His knowledge, humor, pace of instruction, and personality made this a fun and rewarding learning experience.

Ashley was a bit apprehensive about learning to drive our RV, but I needed her as a backup drive. Steve put her at ease and showed her driving a RV was well within her ability. Now there is no stopping her. My wife will be signing up for lessons with Steve this fall.

Thanks again for the experience and great instruction.

James & Ashley M.

The weekend class with a Jordy was fantastic! He was very professional and encouraged questions, feedback as well as specific areas we wanted to cover. He explained clearly what we were trying to accomplish and why. He was very patient and also made sure we were clear on what we were doing And why. Highly recommended. I think my husband has pictures / videos which I will send later we took these pics when we got home. We got ourselves backed into our carport, which is parallel to our home so right getting into, on our first shot!! So pleased.


Jill I.

I want to thank you for providing such a wonderful and useful tool for new Rv owners.  Although we did not attend a school we were so thankful that we had the option to have a driver come to us for our training.  Randall our instructor was above professional.  He went over all the safety of an RV and showed us everything we needed to know about it and made sure we understood everything.  He made you feel comfortable and was always willing to answer any question you had and made sure you were completely sure of your self behinds the wheel.  I would highly recommend this class to anyone purchasing and RV. I was terrified to drive and after two days felt like there would be no problem helping my husband do the driving.   Thank you offering such a great service .

Thank you

Shannon A.

We hit it off with Michael right away. He was very knowledgeable and had solid real world experience. I thought I was better informed but still learned an amazing amount of info. When we started, I could not back to save my skin. But after the 2nd day he had me backing the trailer into a 90 degree slot. My comfort and confidence with the trailer has increased because of the instruction in the class.

I have recommended it to several friends

Mark S.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our RV Driving School. My husband, Terry and I attended  RV Driving School on June 10 & 11th. Our reservation no. was L10466.

RV Driving School was beyond my expectations. Steve Muchaley was not only patient but was excellent in explaining all the nuances of driving a trailer on the streets, through parking lots, camp grounds, the freeway, and reiterating the skills and reactions necessary to be successful.

Also learning how we (my husband and I) can successfully back out TT at camp ground sites was fantastic. Prior to taking this class, backing the TT was always fraught with unknowns, frustrations, and  near misses  However, after learning how to be the Director (my husband) and me the driver, we now have a great system of backing the TT. All we need to do now is practice.

I would recommend attending driving school, such as RV Driving School to anyone and everyone looking to gain the skills, confidence and ability to tow their TT successfully.


Janna R.

First, I must apologize for taking so long to write a review for my driving lesson with Charlie McLeod last August.  The delay is in no way a reflection on Charlie and his work with me!  He was wonderful!

I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and learned so much.  I went from being very, very nervous about towing the fifth wheel to taking two trips later in the year.  Both my husband (as a rider) and I benefited from all of Charlie’s instructions, tips, and suggestions throughout the time we were together.  I just wish now that I had taped some of it, so I could refresh my memory whenever I wanted!

The lessons completely achieved my goal of being comfortable in sharing the driving with my husband.  We are looking forward to making more trips this year as COVID allows things to open up a bit.

Take care.

Martha M.