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Randall G.

As per your requests, here is my summary feedback on the “refresher” course I took today.

I was VERY satisfied with my initial course, but it had been over a year since my initial course and today.

In the interim, our coach had (unfortunately) been in storage for about 12 months, so I felt that a refresher course was warranted before I took my driving test in our new coach and finally got on the road. We have purchased a new coach just this week, and after the delivery/PDI process, the next most important thing to me was a refresher driving course, so I immediately contacted RV Driving School to request a “Refresher Course” and I was intent on having the same instructor as I had before!

(We recommended him to the couple who bought our previous coach and they were similarly pleased!)

As expected, our instructor, Duane Kunze, was competent, professional and very pleasant.

I heartily recommend him to others who are interested and I will use both RV Driving School and Duane for any Driving “brush ups” that I feel would make me a better driver in the future.

I am including a generic picture taken today during my “backing into a space” portion. Not very exciting, but it’s all I have…




Randall G.
Bev and Bob S.

Hello. My wife and I recently completed RV Driver Training. I am writing to provide feedback about our experiences. Our lesson number is L10883.

We were delighted with the training received.  Mike Wertz in Franklin Ohio was our instructor. Mike did a terrific job. I would (and, in fact, already have) recommend the training for all RVers who wish to improve their driving skill set. There are several components of Mike’s efforts that I would like to accentuate.

1.  We were initially told by the school that we would have to travel to Indianapolis to receive training. Imagine our delight to learn that the locale of the training had shifted to an address 20 minutes from our home.

2.  All of us live in the current Covid19 reality. My wife and I are seniors. As such, we have to take extra precautions. We had set a date for the training, but before the date arrived, Mike contacted us to report having an exposure.  Mike kept us fully informed, and we were able to eventually find a new date that safely worked for all. We all wore masks during the training, and Mike was conscientious about wearing his. My wife and I felt comfortable with these arrangements

3. At our first meeting with Mike, we explained that we are seasoned RVers looking to improve our skill set. We are self taught. We graduated from a 33-foot 5th wheel to a 40-footer in 2016. Driving the larger rig is a greater challenge, and we have had a couple of accidents. Mike tailored the training accordingly. We didn’t waste  training time on issues like expressway travel.  We have been taking the rig to Florida for years. Instead, our road work focused on navigating country roads and executing tight intersection turns.

4. Mike made a point to ask what we wanted to focus on. I wanted to learn how to back the trailer up. I performed backing exercises over and over, and, as time went on, I began to feel more comfortable doing this. We store our RV in a covered space.  For years, I have avoided backing the rig into our space. My wife is the better driver, and she always handled this. After the 2nd day of training, I told my wife I was going to give it a try. I did it! I was absolutely delighted. You would have thought I’d won the lottery.

Bev wanted to learn the skill of backing that big rig into a campsite in a state park. On day 2 we drove to a nearby state park and spent time performing backing maneuvers in the campground. On day 1 Mike had taught us a step-by-step procedure for this type of backing maneuver.  Mike took us through repeated reps in the campground, and Bev reached a high degree of proficiency.

The training was well worth the price, and we will encourage our RVing friends to look into it.

Bev and Bob S.
Micki J.

Tim was wonderful to work with.  He is very knowledgeable, personable and patient.  Plus, we enjoyed our time with him.

We learned important skills that we were able to practice on the spot. That was especially important to me because I learn by doing.  I am so much more comfortable as a passenger and a driver.  It was money well spent!

Micki J.

Excellence course and instruction:
– Excellent accommodations at Escapees
– Very low stress for my wife
– Really appreciate all the focus on backing maneuvers and concentration on reference points
– Tim instilled confidence in both of us
– Covered a lot of ground and topics without it feeling overwhelming
Opportunities for improvement
– Having course material just ahead of the class would have been helpful
– Scene setting for the road section: How long, types of roads to be covered.
– I’d put Air Brake material and stopping techniques at the front of the course
Tim was great!

Ronald & Vicki V.

It is with great pleasure that we share with you our review of the two-day driving school with Instructor Joe Powell. We are not new to the RV lifestyle. As prior owners of a 24 ft. Class C Motorhome, 32 ft. Class A Gas Motorhome, 34 ft. 5th wheel and our latest is a 40 ft. Newmar Dutch Star diesel pusher with tag axel. We quickly realized that this was a big investment. The safety of our family  when on the road is paramount for us and the driving class was on top of our list. 

We found Joe Powel to be knowledgeable regarding motorhomes. His style of teaching  is one of the best I have encountered. As an instructor myself I deeply appreciated his style of always reviewing the topic several times to be sure we understood. He always made us feel comfortable when we were driving our coach.  I would strongly suggest that both husband and wife participate in the driving school. 

Joe also found time to walk the coach with us and offer simple maintenance suggestions. I wish that the dealership spent the time that Joe did offering his years of first hand experience as a Motorhome owner himself.

To sum up our review: “Best Money we could have spent.” Thank you Joe!



Ronald & Vicki V.
Tim R.

Just completed my driving course with Steve Avant in Myrtle Beach SC. What a great experience! I drove a class a motorhome for 12 years then we switched to fifth wheel and was a little intimated but still drove for 2 years before I took this lesson. All i can say is “wow” what an experience! I now have more confidence behind the wheel towing the trailer. Thanks

Wilmington NC

Tim R.
Rick N.

Our instructor, Duane, was very knowledgeable and even more patient. One of us was thinking attending a driving school was unnecessary but after spending a lot of time straight backing he now says he should have signed up sooner!  I knew I needed a driving school to be more comfortable in a bigger rig. We also appreciated all the tips Duane provided. The tips were exactly what I was looking for and needed.

Rick N.
David W.

Dan did an outstanding job teaching both my wife and adult son.  I was knowledgeable, patient and effective in his instruction.  As a military and civilian flight instructor I was most impressed with his safety consciousness.

David W.
Maher & Dee D.

Hello, sorry for the delay, we just got back home with the RV.
Our class with Dan was very informative and educational, he helped us both feel more confident handling the RV and making sure we knew safety measures in certain circumstances. He presented the information in an easy-to-understand manner and allowed us to ask questions and was patient with us as we were complete newbies to the entire thing, driving and RVing both.
Even though this was his first lesson, we both felt confident he knew what he was doing and many times on the way home we said to each other, “Dan said this or Dan said that.” It was almost so much info that it was hard to retain it all in such a short span.
We made it home safely from GA to TX so I guess he did his job well.
I’m glad we found your service as it would have been a bit more stressful without the education.

Maher & Dee D.
Jeff P.

He was very patient with me, and gave great advice regarding travel and setting up the trailer for going on the road and for resting at a campsite, not just driving and backing up. He reiterated and had me practice til I am comfortable with handling our rig.

Jeff P.