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   My wife and I took this course together.  We are both completely new to RVing, and have never pulled any trailer even close to this size (41 foot triple axle 5th wheel pulled by a Silverado 3500 dually with a full crew cab and long bed.)  Just learning to drive the truck without the trailer has been a learning experience (due to the turning radius and massive size of the thing).
    After using the trailer for the first time, and spending 3 embarrassing hours trying to back it into our first camping spot, we knew we needed some help.  Some bloggers we follow (Mark and Julie Bennett with RVLove) suggested we check out the driving school affiliated with Escapees.  (We are Escapee members).
    We located Bob in Benson AZ on the driving school locater map, and drove over from San Diego to take the class.
    The two day class provided a tremendous confidence boost! By the time we completed the course, we could both back the trailer in a straight line as far as we wanted, and we had each successfully backed the trailer into a typical sized RV lot from a typical narrow street using both the standard approach from close to the curb, and the “Z” approach in which you first position the trailer at an angle from the spot. (The RV lot and street were simulated with traffic cones)
     Bob was a real pleasure to work with.  He also helped us refine our skills in hooking and unhooking the trailer, and developing a thorough checklist to be sure we didn’t forget anything (like putting down the tailgate!)
    We also spent time with Bob and his wife after the class discussing all things RV.  We learned a lot and made some new friends.
     Finally, we now have the confidence to take the trailer out and continue practicing and honing our skills on our own.
         Thanks much,

Doug & Sharon M.

My wife and I enjoyed our experience and feel more confident in our ability to safely operate our motorhome. Duane Kunze was very professional and patient in sharing his knowledge and we would highly recommend him to others.

Joe S.

I wanted to express our appreciation of the RV driving training that we just completed with our instructor Emory Macy.  We had just picked up our RV and driven it about 100 miles to the location of training, so our experience with driving a fifth wheel was very limited.  Emory provided us with some practical overall knowledge about the fifth wheel and what basic maintenance we need to do as well as covering the importance of life safety items, i.e., smoke and  carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers and emergency egress from the fifth wheel. The first day of training covered all of the basics of driving and backing, he tailored the driving basics course for those areas that I was not as comfortable. The second day was driving, highway, city, and rural roads, dealing with on and off ramps, and lots of turns. I took away from the training a greater appreciation of the driving skills needed to safely drive a trailer that is 39’.

The course was challenging to promote the drivers confidence and to teach the tool set needed to drive your new recreational vehicle.  I highly recommend the training to anyone newly purchasing a RV or for a refresher to reinforce safe operation of your RV!

Paul S.

Duane was an excellent instructor. He was very kind, patient and informative. When I wasn’t doing a driving maneuver too well, he told me the bad news with a twinkle in his eye and suggested corrections so it wasn’t hard to hear and challenged me to try again.
The only thing I can think of to suggest improvement is more tips on how to parallel park and position the side mirrors. Wow 😮, it was a whole New World once I got the mirrors just right! LOL 😆 
I found helpful tips on YouTube that maybe Duane could share with others:
Positioning mirrors

Again, Duane was great and I feel very, very confident driving the bus now! Thank you!

Gail M.

Joe Powell’s lessons and directions were clear and concise. His personality is definitely suited for this kind of work. By the end of the second day, I felt very comfortable and confident to drive the truck pulling the fifth wheel.
It was an all-around enjoyable experience.

Linda E.

Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience we had with our Driving School Instructor, Dan Sheppard, here in Yuma, AZ.
Due to some mechanical issues with our motorhome, we had to postpone our initial scheduled lessons. Dan could not have more understanding and flexible.
Even though I had some very limited experience driving our MH (straight highway driving for about an hour at a time.I still approached our upcoming lesson with lots of apprehension, anxiety, and trepidation. Several years ago, we were involved in a front end MH collision. My husband was driving and did a marvelous job of maintaining control of the MH. I always worried after that if I could have had the presence of mind to keep control. From then on I panicked anytime I tried to drive.
Dan was aware of my concerns. He took it slowly and built up my confidence. We concentrated on any technique I needed. He picked all the right steps and calmly talked me thru everything. I even managed the scary right-hand lane split and driving over a mountain pass. He knew when to push and when to repeat a technique. He also did a wonderful job of explaining technical topics on the Motorhome I needed to learn.
Dan also spent time with my husband, Art reinforcing some techniques and explaining some other topics.
At the end of the two days, I felt confident that I can now be a positive contributing driving partner.
I can without a doubt recommend Dan to anyone in the Yuma, AZ area.

Gerri B.

My wife and I had a terrific 2 days with Gary Goldsberry. The lesson was a great primer on our RV, and a thorough education on all relevant safety equipment and protocols. I repeatedly told him he had the patience of Job. We feel much more comfortable towing and are confident in our safe operation as we plan our first trip.  You have a terrific Teacher on your team, and we enthusiastically recommend him.  We will most certainly take brush up lessons in the future.

Phil H.

Before taking this class I was very reluctant to drive such a large vehicle and felt the need to have instruction so I could better understand how to drive safely. I came across your school when doing an internet search, and you offered all that I was looking for. So, my husband and I signed up to take your 2 day course.

We were very pleased with our instructor, Phil Bachman. He did a good job on going our RV. He discussed the safety features, what to check before you start the RV when beginning a trip as well as safe operation while driving. He was very knowledgeable and gave us good advice on Do’s and Don’ts for different situations, such as driving in mountains. Phil is a good teacher and his experience as a truck driver and a long-time RV owner helped us gain very helpful information.

By the end of the 2 day course, I felt comfortable behind the wheel of our RV (Renegade Classic 41’). Phil had me backing it up, parallel parking, going into Rest Areas and truck stops. I am now confident that I will be able to handle the RV on our trips.

Thank you for providing this school and for having such good instructors. We will definitely recommend RV Driving School to others.

Dr. Ramona W. P.

Tim Armstrong was wonderful, calm and easy going during my driver training in our 42’ motorhome. I have never driven anything larger than a passenger truck so I was pretty nervous. Tim put me right at ease and kept giving me lots of encouragement and positive feedback. By the second day, I drove in freeway rush hour traffic and did great! Now it’s just more practice to make me feel confident. Thanks Tim!

Denise V.

 Gary Wiesz was an excellent gentleman to work with for our rv driving lessons. He worked hard to make us feel comfortable under his supervision. Meanwhile in a gentle manner he shared suggestions on how to be a safer and better rv driver.
    We appreciated how he used a wide variety of of driving terrains for us to hone our skills. This was beneficial as we continued our travels after our lesson.
    Already we have recommended RV Driving School and Gary to other rv motorists.
    Also, we appreciated the promptness of getting our certificates of completion to us. Overall we found all aspects of RV Driving School to be a very professional business.

Carol & Agapito H.