Here are 375 comments made by our happy customers!

On June 4-5, 2018, we spent two days in Auburn, AL, with RV Driving School instructor Phil Bachman. We are new to the RV world but I wondered if taking a two-day class would make any difference. The difference was night and day. Phil was an exceptionally knowledgeable and generous teacher. In two days we had many revelations about our rv that weren’t found in the books, and the many sensible nuggets that he shared with us about driving as we practiced have completely changed the rv driving experience. This was the best money we have spent in a long time, and a gift that will keep giving. 

Thank you!

Steve M.

We are so pleased that we chose to take our RV driving course with Paul Nordan in Columbus, NC. Paul is an excellent instructor – patient and very knowledgeable. His calm demeanor is a huge plus in putting his students at ease, making learning easy and fun. Paul has tremendous experience in training and also with lots of RV travel of his own. This combination provided us with not only the training we needed, but also prompted conversations and questions that have helped us already.

Paul and Khristina graciously welcomed us to stay at their beautiful NC farm during our training. They are fabulous people with a wealth of knowledge they are willing to share if you ask. We highly recommend Paul Nordan.

Peggy and I learned a great deal through our experience driving with Matt. He put us at ease, and made sure we didn’t get ourselves into situations that would be dangerous.

We both wish we had gotten better at backing up, and we know that will take more practice. Matt was able to coach us about backing up, so we could get it done, but we had a hard time figuring out how we could coach each other to get it done.

All in all, we highly recommend it!

Tom K.

I don’t know if I have any suggestions for improvements because all the lessons were so good and helpful. This was a wonderful experience and I learned so many new techniques that are going to improve my experience so it will be enjoyable. My confidence in backing the 5th wheel has been greatly improved, so much more comfortable now than before the lessons. I had no idea I could learn so much in an eight hour training. My hats off to your driving/training school. Especially to Steve. He is a great person as well as a wonderful comfortable trainer. He really knows his stuff.
Steve has already followed up with me to find out how my backing into my storage space went. It went well, a little crooked, however, it’s in the space without hitting any neighbors units.
Thank you for all that you are doing.

Pat B.

My wife Cris and I had the pleasure of learning from Jim Fischer down in New Bern NC. The training was both enjoyable and informative. Neither Cris or I had experience in trailering so we were both nervous wrecks as we drove the nearly 300 miles to meet Jim. The return trip was simply enjoyable as we had overcome our fears and were practicing our new found skills. We truly appreciate the learning environment provided by RVDriving school and it’s staff.

Dave S.

I am very pleased with RV driving lesson I was given by Lorin. The lesson was thorough, well paced so I could absorb the information and Lorin was a patient, but strict teacher. It wasn’t until I took this class that I realized how much I didn’t know. I certainly don’t know everything at this point, but Lorin instilled in me a strong desire to continue to learn and practice professional driving techniques for my own safety and those around me. I think the class was well worth the price and time invested. I am looking forward to safe and happy travels in my new RV. Thanks so much for offering this service to the community.

Walter Z.

I would like to commend Paul Metzinger, my instructor for my driving school.  I was very impressed with his knowledge of all the aspects of driving as well as operation of my motor home.  I enjoyed his teaching methods as well as his concerns for my learning process.  I will recommend him to  all new or returning clients.  Out of a scale of 1 – 10, where 10 is the ultimate, I will give Paul a definite 10.

Thank you, your staff and of course Paul Metzinger for my great experience.

Norm K.

I am very pleased with my RV driving lessons with Phil Bachman. I heartily recommend him as a teacher. He is well-informed, a clear communicator, patient, and kind. He answered all of my questions and covered all the material well.
I began class with some trepidation, but after the two-day class, I am confident that with practice I will be a safe driver and even enjoy being behind the wheel! My husband, Mark Wallis, was the drive-along and has only positive things to say about Phil as well.
I truly appreciate the RV Driving School. Thank you.

Barbara D.

Michael Lynch Instructor.

– Michael is an extremely knowledgeable RV driving instructor.  After the lesson, I felt much more confident driving my unit.
– the serpentine driving forward and backward were really great
– the city driving was invaluable
– the way he structured the class made it easy to follow and learn
I would recommend this class to any new RV owners.

Pierre G.

Thought you might like to know just how good you are, in case you didn’t already.  We put our fifth wheel back into the storage unit today in less than six minutes from the time we pulled in to the lot.  It normally takes us between one to two hours.  And we are not usually very happy with each other when we’re done.  Thank you so much for your help; and your patience with me.

Arleigh L.