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My lessons with Glyn Carson exceeded by expectations.  Prior to my lesson, I had never driven our truck pulling the trailer and was a bit nervous about it.  I wanted to be able to share the driving with my husband, but even more important, I wanted to know that I could handle the rig, if necessary.

During the two days of lessons, Glyn covered all types of driving situations that I would encounter.  We did some driving on country roads, driving around town, highway driving, backing up into a space (practicing in a parking lot and a bit at our camp site), driving on a small road (which also helps with construction zone driving), as well as proper turning, etc.  We also learned lots and driver safety tips.

Glyn was very patience, while I struggled to grasp the directional turning concepts when “pushing” a trailer back into a space.  He knew several techniques to help me learn and understand, always being positive and encouraging.  

My husband also learned a lot from the ride along.  

I told Glyn I couldn’t be happier with all that I learned.  He is an excellent teacher, full of knowledge and expertise, while patience enough to share his wisdom in and encouraging manner.

I could go on about my learning, but I think you get the idea.  However, if you would like more details, please let me know.

I would recommend Glyn and the RV Driving School to anyone.

Dorothy B.

The RV driving training provided by Lorrin Walsh prior to my wife and I embarking on a 700 mile RV trip within Washington State in a 25 foot Motor Home was invaluable. I can’t imagine how stressful it would
have been to embark on the first leg, of 198 miles, without any training. Mr Walsh’s teaching style was calm, patient, and clear. Each lesson was explained in detail. If done correctly, he said so. Otherwise, he explained what wasn’t quite right and offered suggestions for improvement prior to doing it again. Training included much information.
All in all, the training was a worth while  experience.  If in the future, I rent a larger RV, travel trailer, or 5th wheel, I will come back for updated training.

Chuck M.

Just wanted let you know what a great driving experience we had with Jerry Caldera! I was scared to death at just the thought of driving our new motorhome and in no time, Jerry had me comfortable and confident. Jerry has a very calming demeanor, gave us many practical tips, and exposed us to all types of driving conditions. We are grateful for all his help!

We live in Las Vegas and on our drive home from Yucca Valley, I drove I-15 to the I-215 durning rush hour and bumper to bumper traffic and was comfortable the entire time thanks to Jerry’s help!

Sue B.

First and foremost, Jim was a wonderful instructor. Calm, clear, steady, encouraging, coaching, respectful, and knowledgeable. I signed up for this course because, like so many people, I was very afraid to pull our fifth wheel. I needed to overcome this and learn. I emerged after the second day, feeling confident that I can drive our rig on any road, superhighway, up over bridges,in town traffic, and even really really narrow roads. I learned a great deal about backing the rig. I accomplished many a backing up maneuver, each day. I ‘got it’ and eventually, with practice, will ‘own it’. My husband and I really enjoyed our time with Jim and my husband benefited from seeing things from the ground and directing me, when I was practicing backing up and parking. We will be just that more safe and secure traveling down the road, knowing that there are two good drivers on board.

Teme L.

We are grateful to Dan Cyr for the excellent training he gave us.  He was extremely knowledgeable and very generous with his time. He kept it positive and fun and gave us confidence that we can navigate this 39 ft. beast safely and with confidence. We learned some wonderful techniques for parking, how to safely make tight turns, how to navigate through narrow roads, and how to manage going up and down hills safely. We covered an amazing amount of information in two days.

Teresa & Gary T.

This past weekend my husband and I completed the training course with Steve Mulcahy in Palmdale, and we could not be any happier!  Steve is an amazing teacher.  He instructed us with patience, expertise and a sense of humor.  We truly believe that Steve wanted us to succeed and to be successful.  He understood our differing ability levels, and he worked with us just where we were.  Prior to last weekend, I (Barbara) had never even driven while pulling the trailer.  Now, I truly believe that I could safely pull the trailer whenever needed.
The best story, however, is that when Kent and I got home after our lessons we faced our greatest fear – backing the trailer into our driveway.  Armed with Steve’s keys to success, we backed the trailer successfully into our driveway in one attempt (in 10 minutes or less)!  That is a record for us, and we could not have done it without Steve.
We are completely satisfied and would recommend Steve to anyone!

Barbara & Kent N.

I had the pleasure of training with Dan Cyr, May 16 and 17, 2017. The training he provided was beyond my expectations. I had struggled for years backing my 5th wheel trailer. Dan was able to immediately solve my problems, giving me the confidence to back into camping spots without asking for help from strangers. He also provided extensive care and maintenance tips and well safe driving practice. I thought I knew how to pull my 5th wheel properly after so many years of doing so, but the information and training Dan provided has made me a more responsible and safer driver. I was pleased that he communicated with me after our lessons, providing answers to questions and issues I had once I was home. I am pleased and thankful to have been matched up with Dan whose depth of knowledge and ability to communicate information has benefited me greatly.

Karen K.

We completed our lesson last Thursday. Both my wife and I are happy we took the class. We have pulled smaller travel trailers and a small (27′) 5th wheel prior, but nothing as lagre as our present 5th wheel (38′). We learned many good tips and built confidence in our ability to drive our rig safely.
Our instructor Jon was patient and took his time explaining concepts, having us repeat tasks until we were competent. He was professional and fun.

Jeff & Marilyn D.

Attached are a couple of videos of Suzi driving our 40-ft, 40,000 lb motorhome just after completing the RV Driving School with instructor Don Lundby.  Prior to this experience Suzi was terrified at the thought of driving “The Beast”, fearing she could not handle it or learn what all the bells and whistles are for.  But after spending two days with our instructor, she not only did FABULOUSLY well in her backing, turning, and parking excercises, she also was totally comfortable behind the wheel!  You can see her confident demeanor in the videos. Prior to the lessons, she panicked and very nearly backed out at the last minute.  We are both SO GLAD she didn’t.  The instructor’s clear explanations and boundless patience really paid off.  We are SO happy with the results of this training, we would highly recommend it to everyone, even those who may have been driving RV’s for some time.  The largest room is the room for improvement, and everyone will learn something new and hone their skills with this expert, professional training.

Ken & Suzi S.

My wife and I were very impressed with Joe Powell! He was very friendly, knowledgeable, and was eager to help us enjoy our new motorhome.
Although we previously had a 32′ Class C, driving our new 39′ Class A has been a different and much more enjoyable experience. Joe helped us understand not only how to drive it better and more safely, but also how to maintain it.
I could not recommend him or the school more highly!  Thank you.

Drew C.