Here are 303 comments made by our happy customers!

I cannot let time to pass without thanking you for the great two days we sent with Rick Klingberg. Beyond your amazing expertise and experience teaching and explaining everything around the RV, you are an outstanding human being, caring and connecting with people like us. We were very lucky to have you.

We are in Orlando, the 3 hour drive was great; I felt very confortable driving the highways and we also had to maneuver around some parking lots, but everything went well thanks to your great lessons.

The rig is performing very well, thanks God, and hopefully it will continue to do so. Today, we will go to St. Augustine and Tuesday to Cape Canaveral to end the journey on Wednesday at the Ft. Lauderdale RV park where the MH will stay until January.

Rafael C.

I wanted to let you know how incredible our experience was with Ken Shockley.  He is an amazing instructor, he was patient, direct and very knowledgeable and even though I had never driven anything larger than a regular sized vehicle he made me feel comfortable during the entire process.  My husband who had previous experience just needed a refresher and Ken was superb at quickly noticing his strengths and what he needed to work on.  I will highly recommend the course and Ken to anyone interested in learning to be a safe driver whether they have experience or not.  Thank you again for such a great experience that will ensure we enjoy our new Country Coach.

Traci R.

Wendy was a great instructor. My wife and I are both much better drivers.

John L.

I highly recommend Mr Jimmy Johnson who instructed me on driving my RV. He was patient,calmly told me the reasons on why and how to drive the RV in different situations when we were on the different roads. Understanding the unit, in which Mr Johnson gave me driving confidence.

I didn’t realize that driving home from our last camp site, my husband’s leg went hurting, in which I was able to take over and drive til my husband was capable again.  Mr Johnson was the voice in my head.

Without the driving school, we would have been waiting at the rest stop, calling a child, or just don’t know what we would have done.

I am very grateful for the driving school.

Fawn B.

Most importantly I got all of my questions answered and frustrations with failure in backing my rig resolved.

As a bonus I found instructor Dan extremely pleasant to work with.  He also had a knack for knowing things I needed to know that I did not even realize I needed to know.  I was totally not expecting that as a benefit, although now that I think of it if one teaches enough people it is likely to happen.  Anyway some of those unexpected pearls are things that may same my life in the future, so I wanted to congratulate you (and Dan Cyr in particular) on a job very well done !!

Extreme Thanks !!!!

Stephen K.

All went well, very good at explaining making turns, stopping and backing up.
Great job

Bob A.

Our instructor was Glyn Carson,
Oh my goodness we were so excited with the course. It was more than we had even imagined.
Even though I had some experience driving rigs I learned many new things and extended my learning in all areas relevant to my truck and camper! My wife had no experience and she can operate the rig and truck now and I feel confident in her abilities.  Mr. Glyn is an awesome teacher and has such a diversity of knowledge that he gave us an abundance of information and showed us how to use it.
We feel that the program is well worth our time and money. We have already recommended it and will continue to do so.
Thank you so much for providing this opportunity.
We were truly blessed.

Stan & Kay R.

I’m writing in regards with the requested feedback from my 2-day course with Michael. I’m a little short on time so I’ll be brief but not much needs to be said anyway:

Michael is a terrific, top notch instructor, he knows how to get the most important info across in the most effective way possible. The safety benefits of the course cannot be overestimated of course. In addition the self-confidence the course inspired is invaluable. Michael was also flexible and tailored the course to cover areas I had most concerns with, making my future life driving the RV that much easier.
So, please send him my best regards and congratulations for having such a great guy on staff.

Fllorian H.

I had a great experience learning to drive my 5th wheel RV with Ray Casselberry!
I was booking my appointment for training during Boot Camp when I told them the drive from Dallas to Livingston would be my first long drive and that I was nervous about that because I had never bought gas pulling the RV, they did the unthinkable! Ray and his wife Barb offered to meet me closer to Dallas the weekend before Boot Camp!
I drove 75 miles and they drove in from Florida to Lake Tawakoni a week early to give me my lesson. No words can express my gratitude for that and they acted like it was no big deal.
Ray really knows his stuff and he knows how to teach it so you can learn. I learned the mechanics of parking, turning and how to get in and out of a gas station. I also learned the mindset for safety when driving my RV. Ray was patient but firm teaching me each turn and in all traffic conditions. I was able, on my way home, to drive into a gas station and get gas independently without incident.
Ray and his wife Barb where full of information for a new RV owner and very helpful with  problem solving like how to get heat!
You cannot go wrong having Ray as your instructor!
Thanks again!

Dee S.

Great RV training.   Mike Lynch was friendly, prepared, professional and very informative.  We both learned new habits to improve safe driving of our RV.  Instruction on our RVs pivot point, turning radius and overhang; safe driving operation; how to read traffic to be a more defensive driver and covering the service brake when crossing intersections; when to downshift, employ the retarder and/or the service brakes; effective hand signals when backing up; are just a few to mention.   We took this training five days after we took delivery of our new RV and our confidence level was significantly increased.   Absolutely worth the investment in time and money; would recommend to everyone with a Class A RV.

Rich G.