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Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed the school and especially your instructor Steve Mulcahy. Steve is a very well informed instructor and quite pleasant to be around. He took great care to help me learn practical things useful for all RV driving scenarios. Everything was very good and I will recommend both the school and Steve as an instructor to many of my RVing friends.
Thank you for everything George.

Kelly G.

fb_img_1486154581233-1I completed my two day training with Tim Armstrong and was very satisfied with the training I received!  Even though I have 13 years experience pulling a 5th Wheel Travel Trailer, I knew there were gaps in my knowledge/ability that needed improvement.  Tim  helped me identify and improve the weak areas in my driving skills and reinforce the skills I already possessed.  I found Tim to be an excellent instructor, easy to talk with and very good at sharing his knowledge with me.
I would highly recommend RV Driving School to RV drivers, whether they are new drivers or drivers like me with several years experience wanting to improve their driving skills

Ted Y.

We recently completed our RV school with Tim Armstrong.


Prior to the school I had not driven an RV.  My husband had only driven our RV during the test drive and a short trip home after purchase.

With Tim’s encouragement and experience and expertise I was parking and maneuvering the 38 foot beast like a VW –all within the first hour!

By the second day I was driving on the highway and comfortable with fuel stops and other parking and driving challenges.

I know that we gained months or even years of experience in one weekend.  I would highly recommend this course for newbies like us and even more experienced drivers!

Susin C.

I know my husband would liked to have worked with me but it might have taken us long crabby hours.  My lesson with Paul Metzinger was a wonderful experience for both myself and my husband.  We had to postpone our first date becimg_1639ause of weather, Paul said the down pour wasn’t optimal for a positive class, we rescheduled it very quickly.

I’m all of 5 ft tall, our coach is huge but comfort level was high with the instructions given at the very beginning. Day one I was aware of the power and size so was more cautious and day two more eager so was reminded sweetly “slow down and keep coach under control”.  Good reminder for there is more practice involved as we drove downtown with all the traffic.  I absolutely have more confidence and know I can be counted  on to drive for us.  My husband is my best advocate to keep driving!  Many thanks to Paul and his continued support during the lesson.

Gaylynne M.

I just got home from my second day of driving lessons with Mr. Gary Wiesz. I want to commend Gary for being an excellent instructor. He has the perfect temperament for teaching:  he is calm and relaxed while maintaining a constant focus on my driving. Gary’s excellent sense of humor put me at ease during our eight hours of instruction and he answered all of my numerous questions regarding driving techniques and motor homes in general. In short I believe that this training was exactly what I needed to boost my confidence while improving my RV driving skills by light years!

Randall B.

I was very impressed with my instructor, Bob Parton. He made me feel calm and comfortable. That is hard for me. He was professional,  clear with directions and honest with his observation/critique. After going through school bus training, classroom and behind the wheel with and with/out children and driving a school bus for over 25 years, I needed peace of mind/confidence. Bob provided that along with guidance/suggestions.
Thank you

Ann M.

I am 60 years old, recently widowed and bought my first motorhome.  My brother picked it up from a dealer in northern California and drove it down to southern California for me.  After buying it I was overwhelmed.  I wondered if I had gotten in over my head.  Then I found your website (thank you Google!) and met Wendy Burk.  What a great instructor – she was friendly, calm, and knew how to help me develop confidence behind the wheel.  The first day I was slow, very slow, but by the end of the first day I was excited about the possibilities!  The second day brought me “up to speed” and challenged my newly learned skills.  With Wendy’s help, I now feel confident in my new motorhome!  Thank you for providing a GREAT service and a GREAT instructor!

Anne A.

My wife took your course with  Jim Fischer in New Bern, NC. She had driven one of our previous motor homes- one time- thirty years ago- for about 10 miles and said NO WAY can I do this. After 2 days with Jim, she was amazed at how easy to drive our MH is!  After her 2 days of instruction and driving with Jim, she made her DMV test appointment and passed with flying colors! My hat is off to you for the course, but especially to Jim Fischer for his excellent instruction. I knew trying to teach my wife to drive the MH myself was not a good idea, but Jim was up to the task. Putting both of us at ease and starting by teaching us backing and hand signals was great- and we can now back and park without frustration and fear of damage to our coach.  But even greater is the ability to share the driving and maybe go a little further each day. You have a wonderful asset in Jim and his ability to teach and give the confidence needed to drive these homes on wheels.  I would recommend your RV school to anyone- and especially recommend Jim! (North Carolina requires at least a Class B non CDL to drive a MH over 26000 lbs. My wife had taken the written test and obtained her permit for the Class A non CDL prior to the course.)

Don R.

Thanks for putting together an excellent program.  I just had a lesson with Greg Pyke in Miami.  His instructions were well thought out and clear, and the exercises were extremely helpful for me as a newbie with very little large vehicle experience.  Greg spent plenty of extra time preparing for the lesson by scouting out locations and routes for me to practice.  He was a great instructor and the program already gave me knowledge that I may have never learned just by doing.  Thanks, Lee

Lee H.

image1My name is Jo Ann and Wendy was my instructor for my lessons. I will keep this short and sweet. She was knowledgeable and passed on her knowledge to me. I had driven a motor home many, many years ago but not near the length of ours now – 36ft. I walked away from the lessons saying another 36 or even a 38ft would be fine.

Thanks to Wendy, over the New Year weekend I drove from Thousand Oaks,  CA to the Mohave Desert, in the rain and wind and did great. Maybe I was a truck drive in a previous life! All I know is I could not have had the confidence and knowledge I had without Wendy.

Jo Ann F.