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My husband and I recently finished our 2-day RV training session in Ft Myers, FL. It was everything we needed it to be and more.  This was our first experience driving a 43’ coach (or any coach) and we needed the very basics plus the advanced course as we becoming fulltime RV’ers.  Rick was a very thoughtful instructor and extremely insightful providing us great tips and warnings as to what we should expect and watch out for. He tailored the training to our requests, and on the second day he helped us hook up our tow vehicle so we could get a feel for towing behind the coach also. He even was able to fix a few maintenance problems that came up with our new Coach and answer operational questions that we had. He was wonderful!
I would have to say, the training was absolutely essential to get us to a comfort level that we could branch out on our own.  There was no way I was going to take a $328K vehicle straight from the factory in traffic.  Now, I feel much more comfortable and my husband even more so.  We drove it away the next day.  In our first, 2-day, 600+ miles trip we survived all the construction zones we encountered plus Atlanta traffic.  Good news – there are still no scratches on it; it is still in one piece as is our piece of mind. In one word, the training was PRICELESS!

Donna S. and Robert D.

I would like to thank RV Driving School and especially Michael Lynch for the great job of taking me to the next level driving my Winnebago.   I felt comfortable driving my RV before the two day class.  However, Michael brought me to the next level.  I could even parallel park my 32 foot RV on the first try!
Michael was an excellent instructor.  He sent me an outline before we go started.  Then we covered his bullet points step by step.  We left nothing out.  His vast experience with big rigs, buses and RV’s added a lot to the classes.
I would highly recommend RV Driving school and especially Michael Lynch to anyone buying an RV for the first time and/or anyone wanting to be totally familiar with their RV, gaining safety tips and becoming a better defensive driver.

Harvey C.

My wife, Melanie, and I participated in a two day ride along training program with Tim Armstrong.  Neither of us have ever operated a motor home or any large vehicle.  Tim was extremely patient, knowledgeable an supportive of us getting our training.  We went in to the program with concern and trepidation over our ability to operate a 40 foot motor home. When our lessons started Saturday, it was the first time for either of us to be in the driving seat and operating the motor home.  The course was well thought out and by conclusion on Sunday both of us felt comfortable driving the motor home.  We still have some things to learn and Tim gave us some ideas of things we should do to fully improve our driving skills.  Again, I tip my hat to Tim and your program.

Chip and Melanie M.

I just had my RV driving lessons with Bruce Fontaine (L7495), and I wanted to let you know I had a great time working with Bruce, and he restored my confidence and taught me so much during our lesson.  Bruce is a wonderful instructor!
Despite the worst that mother nature could throw at us, Bruce and I persevered and finally were able to schedule a date when there were no ice storms!  (only a bit of snow <OutlookEmoji-😉.png>)  Bruce was very accommodating with the rescheduling, and I never felt pressure to do the lesson sooner than I wanted to.
Bruce is fun to work with, has so much knowledge to share, and has a laid back attitude that put me at ease.  The best recommendation I can give is that  I am no longer afraid to drive our 25 foot coach. The idea of hopping into the coach to drive used to scare me.  Not anymore!  Our RV adventures will be way more fun and safe for us thanks to Bruce!

Nicole C. & Kent T.

My wife and I were very pleased that we signed up for your RV training.  The training was comprehensive and much needed, since we had never driven a motor home before.  Michael Lynch is a very experienced driver and a great instructor.  He was knowledgeable, polite, calm and patient.  In both the classroom and on the road sessions, we learned and experienced everything we needed to be prepared to drive our rig safely, such as how to properly adjust and use the mirrors.  There is no way we could feel as confident as we now do without this training.  For example, when a backup maneuver is required, my wife and I will discuss and Michael taught us the hand signals required to effectively communicate. Now, when I’m driving I go through a mental checklist and plan for every maneuver and condition (blow-out, point of no return, safe following distance, go with the flow, mirrors, read the road signs, and so much more).

Ernest and Mary Ann H.

We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our lessons with Al Steward on February 20-21.  He was gracious, knowledgeable, insightful, and fun to be with.  He was also a good sport, donning aLynda, Kyle, me, Newport full set of rain gear and spending the morning setting up orange cones that we kept running over (we did get better).We have been RVing for 35 years with 4 motorhomes and one 35′ fifth wheel.  People have asked, “Why did you need to go to school?” My answer is to tell them that I have flown 25 different airplanes but I never flew one until I went up with an instructor because everyone is different. The same with RV’s, especially if you go from a smaller one to a 40′ diesel pusher! It was a great experience and we would recommend the school to anyone.

Larry W.

So sorry to be delayed in writing a review of my lesson with Glyn Carson.  He was absolCathy driving the rvutely what I needed!  Having now driven our 40 foot diesel pusher numerous times, I can truly feel the impact of his teachings.  He took me around the town of Artesia to my heart’s content!  Always patient, always gentle in his corrections—he tailored my training to my needs.  We practiced backing up and parking and, then, practiced it some more.  When out on the road and in the driver’s seat, I did not panic when faced with unusual circumstances (for me), such as traffic cones, lack of shoulders and one lane roads.  I drove hills without undue concern, stopping at the top as Glyn taught me to do.  His skill in teaching RV driving is, without a doubt, what got me into the motorhome’s driver’s seat.  Thank you, Glyn Carson and the RV Driving School!!!!

Cathy T.

My RV Driving School experience far far exceeded my expectations.  Sam Fuller has the demeanor for this job and should be teaching full-time!  He gave me tips and suggestions that can stay with me to help me continue to improve.  The turn training was perfect.  No pressure–but they traffic cones continued to get tighter as I continued to improve.  A very quiet street on day one gave me the confidence for day 2 when I was on a 60 mph 4 lane road with all types of traffic including a number of 18 wheelers.  If I needed to improve, Sam just gently guided me.  Ladies, don’t let you husbands teach you.  This training is sooo worth the time and money to learn in a calm and all inclusive manner.  I high recommend this training!!!!

Nancy R.

Wow wow wow.

Just finished two days with Mike.  I was turning into streets I would have guessed as allys!

Parallel parking?  Seriously?

I learned enough to be 1000% more confident and prepared and safe.  This is our first ever coach.  45″ of beastliness.

What an absolutely great choice to take lessons and from a master himself.  He made it easy to learn and to approach each situation with thoughtfulness and planning.

Thank you all. Wow.

Tom T.

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Joseph G.