Everyone can learn to drive an RV

So you don’t think you can drive your RV.  There are so many buttons, knobs, gauges, etc.  I have to laugh at this because every time I have to do the laundry at home, the watempshing machine becomes almost overwhelming.  Do I use the “gentle cycle” or is this cotton or polyester, or do I use hot water or cold?  The fact that most women have mastered the washing task leads me to the strongest feeling that they can handle the complexities of the modern RV.

Another issue becomes your spouse or partner.  Many folks just enjoy driving their RV, and don’t want to share the task with another person.  Some will contend that their partner is incapable of handling this large rig.  Some partners think that they will never be at ease if SHE is behind the wheel.  Well guys, we have thirty plus instructors scattered from coast to coast, and border to border, and the consensus is most women are safer drivers than you or I.  Why is this?  Most of us have an attitude problem that says we can handle our big rig.  It is based on what we have grown upwith that says we have the god given skills from birth to be good at the task of driving.  Sadly, many of us have bad habits that are, at times, almost incurable.  We don’t take the time to undo a bad situation — perhaps like taking a corner and not allowing enough room to avoid climbing the curb.  We charge through, and hopefully don’t do any damage to the rig.  Our instructors almost always talk of how women pay attention more closely to what we know will provide comfort and safety in tight situations.  They are more prone to go slowly on corners and are willing to be embarrassed if they have to back up to avoid doing damage to their rig.  The conclusion I hear from most of our instructors, they feel women are safer than guys!


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