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Jimmy Johnson and our training were fantastic!  Jimmie is very through and on the 2nd day will focus on any aspect of driving that you would like to reinforce or learn more.  On our 2nd day we invested 2.5 hours in an empty parking lot practicing backing our 40 foot 5th wheel into a 45 degree and 90 degree campsite.  We practice from several directions and worked with both my wife (my 2nd set of eyes) and I to safely back into some very tight campsites.  Jimmie is ALWAYS focused on helping us to travel safely!  Jimmie is also fun to work with.   Time and money very well invested.  I would recommend this training for everyone.

Lew S.

I just completed my RVDriving school this weekend with Glyn Carson.  An enjoyable experience with an enjoyable instructor.  I knew I would not be able to learn from my husband, so this was my only option.  Very thorough with instruction, patient and tolerant of his student!!  He reviewed more than just driving the RV with me, many questions were answered about the trailer itself, different safety measures and so much more than I expected.

We had to reschedule because of weather and he was very accommodating with that.  The lessons would have not been enjoyable at all in the cold and the rain.

I am in a couple RV groups on FB and recommend this school, with the website so others can look into it.  I do have to find your FB site and look at it.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable weekend for us and I hope for Glyn.  I hope all  your instructors are as good as him, or at least try to be.

It truly was very educational and I feel empowered.  After taking this class, I have more respect for the people driving those huge rigs, small ones too! It is an art to be learned.

Martha B.

Joe Powell from Clearwater did an outstanding job.  Well worth taking the training.  Thanks

Dave and Li B.

Your company is great. I scheduled late for the course during a rally. I was even able to change dates for my course. I’m a woman driving a 40′ Motorhome. Your company paired me perfectly with Chrissy Laswell. She also ownes a 40′ Motorhome and was a school bus driving instructor. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. She brushed me up on all the basics and helped me learn more of the technical parts of a dp and driving something of this size. I have the knowledge and confidence to now take my Class B state test.

Kim V.

Tim did a great job. Came prepared. Answered all of our questions. We gained the confidence needed to operate our Class A in safe and prudent manner.

Well worth the price of tuition. Highly recommended.

Mike D.

He was great! He was patient and easy going and that helped a lot. He answered any of my questions and made learning easy. Explained what to do and when do it. Took me to numerous different driving scenarios. I highly recommend Jerry

Shawn and Jessica M.

As I have told many, it was the best money we have spent. We are so thankful Paul was able to take us on right after we acquired the coach & before we had to tackle the mountains & tunnels of VA & WV. He is an excellent instructor. It was also wonderful to be able to stay on his & Kristina’s farm while learning.

Thanks for providing this learning opportunity. We still have much to learn, but we have some tools & experience now.

Darlene J.

Just want to say thanks to you and your Driving School team. This is a very friendly, helpful & professionally run organization!
Special thanks and accolades  to Paul Metzinger, my RV  driving instructor in Casa Grande, AZ. I couldn’t have asked for a better or more qualified instructor. He was patient, friendly, supportive and extremely encouraging! A lot of people know the subject matter they are teaching but cannot teach it to others. Paul CAN!! He told me before the class began  that after the 2 day, 8 hour class ended I would feel comfortable & confident driving my 39 ft. motorhome by myself. He was absolutely right!
I will not hesitate to recommend your driving school and strongly encourage everyone I talk with here in Tucson — especially women like I — to schedule their driving lessons with Paul Metzinger!


Lesson #L7708. Just a few comments on the RV driving lessons. We met Glyn Carson at the North Ranch Boot Camp and we (both my wife and I) struck up a good rapport with him. My wife was very apprehensive about driving our truck and trailer. Glyn put her at ease at the onset. He had her behind the wheel in 45 minutes. He covered highway driving, ascending and descending grades, the capabilities and limitations of our equipment. We spent considerable time in backing and parking which was superb. There was constant dialogue regarding the action, reaction and consequence of a driving maneuver. I can’t thank Glyn enough for filling our heads with safety as it applies to RVing. If it didn’t cost so much, I’d do it again. I know there is much more to learn. In closing I just want to say thanks to both George and Glyn for making our travels far less stressful. Mission accomplished. Video

Rick D.

I am about to make an unsolicited recommendation.  Hubby and I are newbies (Solitude) and just returned from a 2-day RV driving course given by an instructor (Tim Armstrong) at the RV Driving School.  Remarkable and beyond outstanding!!  We learned how to back in from a variety of angles, to back up “blind”, to parallel park, even to back into a normal space between two trucks!  We learned how to drive the highway, how to make sharp turns and how to park at Wal-Mart (to go shopping).  We learned how to be comfortable with our width and, when we got home, we got into our extremely difficult parking spot at the storage facility on the second try (only because we misjudged when to start the turn on the first).  If you are uncomfortable with your RV, I (we) highly recommend RV Driving School.  BTW – we were at Cedar Hill State Park in Texas and to all the other GDs there on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday — hello!

Beverlee S.