Valerie K.

I thoroughly enjoyed my lesson.  Paul was very patient and covered everything in a very orderly way beginning with coach safety and operation to driving.  We went over things until I felt comfortable with each maneuver.

It was especially nice that there was an abandoned housing development nearby where I could practice all the maneuvers on empty streets with weeds growing up that provided “obstacles” to avoid.  There was also an abandoned shopping center where I could practice driving around the islands that all lots have.
The only thing we couldn’t cover was mountainous terrain, but my husband has had lots of practice with that so he can help when I encounter that.
I highly recommend taking this course and am sharing the information with everyone I can. I am so glad that I was finally able to take advantage of this as I had tried to take the class last spring in Austin, but that didn’t work out with your instructor there.
Keep up the good word, & thank you.
Valerie K.