Martha B.

I just completed my RVDriving school this weekend with Glyn Carson.  An enjoyable experience with an enjoyable instructor.  I knew I would not be able to learn from my husband, so this was my only option.  Very thorough with instruction, patient and tolerant of his student!!  He reviewed more than just driving the RV with me, many questions were answered about the trailer itself, different safety measures and so much more than I expected.

We had to reschedule because of weather and he was very accommodating with that.  The lessons would have not been enjoyable at all in the cold and the rain.

I am in a couple RV groups on FB and recommend this school, with the website so others can look into it.  I do have to find your FB site and look at it.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable weekend for us and I hope for Glyn.  I hope all  your instructors are as good as him, or at least try to be.

It truly was very educational and I feel empowered.  After taking this class, I have more respect for the people driving those huge rigs, small ones too! It is an art to be learned.
Martha B.