Here are 236 comments made by our happy customers!

Jimmy is an outstanding instructor!  We are new to rving and are fulltime.  While my husband had towed our fifth wheel a few times, I never had.  After listening and observing Jimmy’s instruction for my husband, I felt more confident to take the wheel.  He took us through some great scenarios we might be exposed to in our travels.  His instructions for backing up are superb.  We will continue to recommend that folks take this course whether new to rving or consider themselves pros.

Lee Ann B.

Because of the expense of the RV, the wanting to travel without incidents, and age of my husband plus his diabetic neuropathy in his right leg, I(the wife) decided to take the driving school for emergency situations in order to drive home or get medical help if need be. My spouse instructs me when I am driving the family car, so the RV was overwhelming for me. I highly recommend Mr Jimmy Johnson who instructed me on driving my RV. He was patient,calmly told me the reasons on why and how to drive the RV in different situations when we were on the different roads. Understanding the unit, in which Mr Johnson gave me driving confidence. I didn’t realize that driving home from our last camp site, my husband’s leg went hurting, in which I was able to take over and drive til my husband was capable again.  Mr Johnson was the voice in my head. Without the driving school, we would have been waiting at the rest stop, calling a child, or just don’t know what we would have done. I am very grateful for the driving school.

Gail C.

Allan and I took Lesson L7946 with Bill Baxter in Maine and we are so glad that we did. Bill was an excellent instructor and kept us busy so that the twelve hours flew by. Bill was very helpful about certain “coach mysteries.”  (We never knew that we could manually downshift our coach. ) He was a terrific example of “making do” when one of the windshield wipers broke off in a torrential rainstorm. Bill and Allan sorted it out and jerry-rigged the wiper so that it worked well. Bill also gave us many ideas for our future RV adventures. I have pages of driving and RV touring notes that are helping us determine where and how we will travel when we retire next January.
While Bill was a serious instructor, he was also very pleasant in his manner and a person that we would be happy to be with at any time. His instruction was clear and his advice was practical. As a former teacher, I give Bill a definite “A+.”
Your school is a great idea and terrific for giving us the instruction we need to begin our driving adventures.
Thank you and best wishes for the future,

Marilyn T.

Jay and I would like to let you know that Charlie was a wonderful and professional teacher for us!  I had a number of concerns before getting behind the wheel – Charlie ensure that I over came each and every one of them. My husband didn’t have as many concerns. We both still need practice backing up but we didn’t expect to be experts at the end of 12 hours – Well, maybe I did but I have always set my expectations higher than most.  Needless to say we found your driving school a great tool for us and well worth the cost.  We have already recommended your school to folks we know as well as suggested that our owners group invite your school for training.
Best of luck and I’m sure we will see you, your school and Charlie again in the future!

Sarah H.

Lesson L7998.  Had a great lesson from Jon – He helped us out so much and taught us so much  – and as new owners, we really appreciated his easy-going style. I learned a ton about driving my 5th wheel and it was very low stress.  I really appreciate the service.  I am not intimidated by the unit the way I was when we started.

Tim M.

My husband Tom and I completed the 12 hour RV Driving School last week and wanted to let you know that we thought it was a great experience.  Our instructor, Mike Lynch, was professional, knowledgeable, and a great teacher.  We particularly liked the classroom portion of each day as he explained the drills and reviewed key points.  The driving drills were well laid-out and Mike did a great job coaching us through our headsets as we performed the maneuvers.  The on-road driving experiences were comprehensive and valuable in preparing us to drive the coach home from Atlanta to Florida through rush-hour traffic!  As it turns out, we are on the road in our RV again this week evacuating from Hurricane Irma and feel very comfortable handling the coach, even with higher-than-usual winds and traffic.  Altogether, RV Driving School is well worth the investment in both time and dollars.  Every RV owner should have this type of instruction before they drive off the lot!

Dana S.

I am a first time RV operator. I purchased a 2018 Entegra Cornerstone.  I just completed the two driving school training with Michael Lynch.  This note is to let you know that I was very impressed with the trainer assigned to me, Michael Lynch. Michael met me at NIRVC in Lawrenceville, Ga which where the training took place on day one. Day one was half classroom and half maneuver training.   Day two was countryside and in town driving experience.  I should tell you that Michael was extremely prepared with resource materials and took me through a very detailed and informative training process. Michael is obviously a very experienced and knowledgeable trainer and he did not let me down.  I was very impressed with his methodical style of training and his focus on the really important things for driving large coaches. Michael was friendly, knowledgeable, patient and very resourceful.  He followed up with me with more helpful tips even after the training concluded.  I highly recommend that those new to RVing and those who may need refresher training to contact RV Driving School and if in your area ask for Michael Lynch.  It was well worth the investment and has my highest recommendation!

Barry V.

We would like to commend Paul Metzinger for conducting a professional, thorough, and very valuable 2 days of training for us. He is a superb teacher, and tailored the class to our needs as well as conducting fundamental training modules for relatively inexperienced drivers such as ourselves. Paul is personable, highly intelligent, and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of RVing from mechanical,electrical,and associated systems to driving technique, safety, and emergency procedures. His vast experience allowed him to ask inciteful questions, and make us think through our priorities in taking this course as well. We would give our highest possible rating to this course and this specific instructor. You are quite fortunate to have a man of Paul’s capabilities as a contractor to you, and we suspect some of your other instructors might benefit from his deep skill set. Perhaps, he could be a consultant at large in some way to impart his approach to others? In any case, great course and superb instructor!

Dave A.

Thank you RV Driving School and specifically Dan Sheppard for 2 days of incredible instruction! As a complete “newbie” to the world of RV’ing, I had absolutely no prior experience driving any type of tow vehicle. Needless to say, I was scared to death to get behind the wheel. After spending time with Dan, I now have the confidence and experience to drive, maneuver, and park our 34″ Bighorn Fifth Wheel. Dan’s instructions also elevated my husband’s techniques and enhanced our communication in working together as a team. I strongly recommend this program for anyone wanting to develop and improve the safety of their RV driving capabilities. Thank you Dan!

Patty R.

Dan Sheppard was a wonderful teacher and a nice person.  Having never driven the fifth wheel, the lesson made me comfortable enough to drive it home after the lesson during rush hour traffic in Seattle, with not a fear in the world.  The only thing to fear is fear itself…..and there is nothing to fear about driving the fifth wheel…..IF you have a great teacher and I did.  Thanks Dan!

Debbie B.