Rick W.

As new owners of our first 45’ Class A Diesel Pusher, we were convinced that we needed professional training instruction. Having joined the Escapee’s RV club we had previously signed up for it’s RV Boot Camp as well as RV Driver Training in November of this year but felt we needed some driving training before hitting the road in our new coach which we purchased last week. So with that in mind and from the referral of Escapee’s we contacted the RVDriving School and scheduled our course.
Scheduling was easy, in fact one call away and we were able to arrange our training to coincide with the delivery of our new coach and very near to the location where we purchased it. Once scheduled, the instructor Tim Armstrong contacted us and set forth discussing our training needs, timing and expectations. Tim was pleasant and understanding of our “anxiety” of owning a new coach while having never driven one and he quickly set us at ease in preparation of the 2-day training course.
Tim was also able to accommodate some minor adjustments to our training schedule due to our coach PDI not being completed on time whereby we shifted the schedule by 1-day and all worked our fine. He even came by our location the evening before to introduce himself which we thought was a nice thing to do.
On the training; Tim’s performance can be summarized as follows.
  1. He had an effective plan and program to take us through that included verbal instruction and practice
  2. He was balanced in his approach ensuring both my wife and I well understood the objectives of each practice
  3. He successfully taught us effective techniques for and led us through exercises that included ;
    1. Pre-trip inspection
    2. Tire Inspection
    3. Proper mirror adjustment and use
    4. Air Break Testing
    5. Reversing
    6. Parallell Parking
    7. Stopping
    8. Judging Distance
    9. Lane departure & exchange
    10. Local street and rural road driving
    11. Inter- & Intra-State Driving
    12. Close proximity turning
    13. Etc, etc
In summary, Tim Armstrong was excellent
Rick W.