Laura G.

Last week we met with Jimmy Johnson and completed the 2 day driving school for two drivers.  We simply cannot speak highly enough of him.  He was absolutely wonderful and we are so glad we completed the course with him.

Neither my husband nor I had ever driven an RV before and we had to drive our brand new, 38 foot motorhome from our dealer’s lot in Mississippi back to our home in VirginiIMG_9389a.  Needless to say, we were a bit nervous about getting it home in one piece.

As an initial matter, for a small fee, Jimmy was willing to drive from his home in Florence, Alabama down to Tupelo, MS and help us drive the rig back to a campground closer to him.  When we had a hiccup at the dealer and had to delay our plans by a day, Jimmy was willing to accommodate us with no complaint.  When we were ready to go, he drove down to meet us at our dealership, talked to us for about an hour about some of the various skills we’d be learning, and gave us some tips and tricks to keep in mind.  My husband then drove the RV back to Jimmy’s hometown with Jimmy in the passenger seat, while I drove Jimmy’s truck back.  We switched off about halfway and I drove the RV the rest of the way.  The following day, we worked for many more hours and continued to practice.

Both my husband and I got a lot of good experience in.  We worked on all the major skills and whatever we wanted to focus on, Jimmy worked with us on.  He was incredibly patient and kind and his skills as a former educator were readily apparent.  But his assistance went FAR beyond what we expected.  When we first got to our campground, Jimmy actually helped us set up and get hooked up. As my husband was hooking up the water and electric cables (something he had never done before), I looked over and noticed Jimmy had hooked up our sewer hose.  Hooking up sewer hoses was certainly not part of our expectations for a driving instructor, but Jimmy was willing to help us with anything and everything.  When we found ourselves in need of leveling blocks, we all went to Lowes together and Jimmy helped us get the right size wood blocks to solve that problem.  He also gave us tons of helpful advice about RVing in general and offered to help us connect with the right people at Tiffin should that become necessary in the future.

In the end, we made the journey back to Virginia in fine form.  Thanks to Jimmy, we were confident that we knew how to handle the rig and we just had to put what we had learned to work.

We could not possibly have had a better experience.  Jimmy is an absolute gem and we are so glad he was our instructor.

Laura G.