Dorothy B.

My lessons with Glyn Carson exceeded by expectations.  Prior to my lesson, I had never driven our truck pulling the trailer and was a bit nervous about it.  I wanted to be able to share the driving with my husband, but even more important, I wanted to know that I could handle the rig, if necessary.

During the two days of lessons, Glyn covered all types of driving situations that I would encounter.  We did some driving on country roads, driving around town, highway driving, backing up into a space (practicing in a parking lot and a bit at our camp site), driving on a small road (which also helps with construction zone driving), as well as proper turning, etc.  We also learned lots and driver safety tips.

Glyn was very patience, while I struggled to grasp the directional turning concepts when “pushing” a trailer back into a space.  He knew several techniques to help me learn and understand, always being positive and encouraging.  

My husband also learned a lot from the ride along.  

I told Glyn I couldn’t be happier with all that I learned.  He is an excellent teacher, full of knowledge and expertise, while patience enough to share his wisdom in and encouraging manner.

I could go on about my learning, but I think you get the idea.  However, if you would like more details, please let me know.

I would recommend Glyn and the RV Driving School to anyone.
Dorothy B.